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Swimming Safety Tips For Dogs

Swimming is a great exercise for dogs as it is not only a source of fun but also keep them cool on a hot summer day. There is a big misconception that all breeds of dogs are born swimmers, the truth is not all dogs are a natural swimmer or capable of swimming. Before you take your dog out to swim, make sure that he can smoothly sail in the water.

Some dogs love the sight of water and when they see water then they just can’t contain their excitement and take a plunge into it. However, the dog owners should ensure to safe all the safety measures whenever the dog is in or around water. Even if your dog is a natural swimmer then also you should take all the needed precautions to keep him safe in water & avoid the risk of drowning.

We’ve rounded up a few swimming safety tips that you need to consider to keep your dog safe:

Never assume that all dogs are natural swimmers

The first thing that every dog owner should know is that not all dogs are natural swimmers. All breeds have different anatomy which is why some dogs can’t stay afloat in water. Being a responsible dog owner, you need to check whether your dog can swim effectively or not. Dogs with short legs like pugs, dachshunds, etc.  aren’t good at swimming so you need to be extra careful with them.

Make your dog wear a life jacket

A life jacket is highly crucial to keep your dog safe from drowning. No matter whether your dog is a novice swimmer or well-experienced, you need to always make your dog wear a life-jacket. It will ensure that your dog stays afloat. Some dogs can panic underwater which increases the chances of drowning so it is highly recommendable to use a life-jacket.

Don’t let your dog drink water from any water bodies

Another important thing that every dog owner should consider is to never allow their furry companion dring water from any water bodies. By drinking the water of ponds/oceans, your dog can severely fall sick as the salth content of such water bodies can cause dehydration in your dog. The dog owner should always bring plenty of freshwater for his furry companion so that he doesn’t drink water from anywhere else.

Make sure to clean your dog’s ear after a swim

Slight presence of moisture in a dog’s ear is enough to cause ear-infection. The dog owner should consider thoroughly cleaning his furry companion’s ear to avoid any possibility of infection. Pool/ocean or pond water can cause severe infection if not cleaned properly.

Final Thoughts

The dog owner should always take proper measures to keep his furry companion safe while swimming. Also make sure to keep the swimming session short & the water temperature should be moderate. And, don’t forget to keep a constant eye on your pooch while he is swimming as it is your responsibility to prevent any tragedy from happening to your dog.

August 30, 2019|Dog Care

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