Spring Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

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Spring Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Just like humans, dogs also enjoy springtime as spring implies more playing time outdoors. For rejuvenating the whole surrounding, it is essential to clean up each and every corner of your household. Spring cleaning is essential to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Just like the outside environment, the dog owner needs to freshen up his indoor environment.

Spring cleaning may seem like a perilous task but by implementing some effective tips, you can ensure your dog’s well being.

When spring approaches then dog owner needs to consider deep cleaning of all the things that come in a contact with your furry friend.

Let’s consider some cleaning tips that every dog owner needs to consider implementing:

Clean all the toys:

The first thing that one needs to consider is cleaning all the stuffed toys of the dog. Always make sure to use scent-free detergent while washing them. The dog owner needs to check if all the toys are in safe status. If you find them tampered then you should avoid keeping it back in your dog’s toy closet.

Clean the bed:

The next thing that the dog owner needs to clean is his bed. There can be a lot of dirt buildup over his bed sheet and, the dog owner needs to thoroughly clean his furry companion’s bedding to ensure his sound sleep. All you need to do is to remove the fabric cover then wash it with a mild detergent, it will help in removing all the dirt and odor from his bedding.

Clean his collar:

Now, it’s time to clean the stinking collar of your furry companion. The dirt present on the collar can cause irritation in your dog’s skin. All you need to do is soak the collar in the warm water and pour shampoo into a bowl, it will help in removing all the dirt from the collar without damaging the material.

Groom your dog:

Spring is considered as the best time to groom your furry companion. During the cold weather condition, grooming may seem like a perilous task whereas, during spring, you can give your dog a good grooming session. All you need to do is give him a proper bath then brush his coat and, trim his nails. If you skip grooming session during spring season then it will result in tangles and allergens in his coat.

Check for pee odor:

During the winter season, most dogs end up peeing indoors but peeing indoor during springtime is not justifiable. If the dog owner doesn’t consider neutralizing that odor then your dog would probably continue to pee there.

Clean the crate:

Spring is the perfect time to clean your furry companion’s crate by using soapy water or disinfectant solution but make sure that it doesn’t contain any ingredient that can cause irritation to your four-legged friend.

Clean all his favorite spots:

The last thing that one needs to do is clean up his favorite spots. You need to thoroughly clean up all those places where your furry companion loves to spend his most of the time.

During springtime, dogs are more prone to the various health issues so, it becomes necessary for a dog owner to clean the space thoroughly to reduce any such possibility.

April 12, 2018|Dog Care

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