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Signs of stress in dogs

Just like humans, dogs also can also get stressed out, however, reasons for stress are quite different in dogs. A slight change in their lifestyle or daily routine is enough to stress them out. Today’s hectic lifestyle of dog owners is also responsible for bringing stress in their furry companion’s life. The dog owner should take possible measures to rule out any stress-related issue as in the long run stress can results in hampering the mental and physical well-being of the dog.

Let’s consider the various signs that your dog will exhibit on getting stressed:

Spending most time in isolation

When dogs become stressed then they tend to spend their most of the time in isolation. They avoid any kind of interaction with other humans and animals. On noticing such behavior, the dog owner needs to take his furry companion to the veterinarian to know the exact reason behind such behavior.

Excessive vocalization

Barking is normal for dogs, however, excessive vocalization suggests that he is in stress, and by barking excessively he tries to self-soothe. Sometimes, dogs do this in order to attain the attention of their owners. To avoid this, the dog owner should consider spending some quality time with their furry companion.

Destructive behavior

When dogs don’t get a proper outlet for getting mental and physical stimulation, they become stressed and perform destructive behavior such as chewing the furniture and window coverings, etc. The dog owner should consider exercising his furry companion on a regular basis to channelize all the surplus energy.


Another sign that your furry companion will display on getting stressed is restlessness. It generally occurs when the dog doesn’t feel comfortable in his surroundings due to which he becomes stressed.

Decrease in appetite

Another major change that suggests that your dog is under stress is decreased appetite. On noticing that your furry companion is losing his interest in food then you should consider consulting a veterinarian to know what is bothering him. On noticing picky eating behavior in your pooch then you should always consider figuring out the reasons behind it.

Excessive scratching

Another sign that your furry companion will display on getting stressed is excessive scratching, this can occur due to lack of proper physical and mental stimulation. The dog owner needs to make possible efforts to reduce the stress of his four-legged friend.

Dealing with a stressful situation is very difficult for our speech-less four-legged friend.  The dog owner should never ignore if his dog displays any of these signs, and must consider consulting a veterinarian as stress can hamper your furry companion’s mental and physical health.

July 31, 2018|Dog Care

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