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Signs of heart disease in dogs

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from cardiovascular disease. To avoid any fatal heart disease, the dog owner should ensure to provide a healthy lifestyle to his furry companion. The best way to cure any heart condition is by detecting and treating it early. You can add more years to your furry companion by keeping him health intact.

On getting affected with any heart disease, your furry companion will probably display some warning signs. The dog owner should be aware of such warning signs in order to take speedy action. Generally, the normal wear and tear that comes along the old age are one of the major reasons behind your furry companion’s heart disease.

Let’s find out the various warning signs of heart disease in dogs:

  • Inability to perform any physical activity

Dogs having heart disease tend to get tired easily, and they don’t show any enthusiasm for performing any physical activity. If the dog owner notices that his furry companion remains inactive the whole day then he should consider taking him to a veterinarian as excessive fatigue is a sign of heart problems.

  • Cough

Another sign of canine heart disease is a cough. If your furry companion’s cough persists for more than a few days then it indicates that he can have a heart problem.

  • Change in behavior

If your furry companion has a heart disease then you can notice some changes in his behavior such as staying in isolation, reluctance to play etc.

  • Fainting

If your furry companion is suffering from any severe heart disease then he may faint often. On noticing that your furry companion collapsed, you should visit a veterinarian immediately.

  • Weight Fluctuation

Most dogs undergo weight loss when they suffer from any heart disease, however, some dogs can also experience weight gain. To keep your pooch free of health issues, it is essential to check if your dog is at a good weight or not

  • Loss of appetite

Your furry companion can also experience loss of appetite if he has a heart disease. The dog owner should consider visiting a veterinarian if this problem persists.

  • Breathing problem

Breaking problem is also one of the major warning sign of heart disease in dogs. The dog owner should never ignore if his furry companion faces any difficulty in breathing.

  • Restlessness

Dogs with heart disease tend to get restless during the night.

So, these are the signs that your dog will display on suffering from any cardiovascular disease. The dog owner needs to provide his dog with proper medication so that his furry companion can fight off the disease effectively.

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