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Signs of dog dominance

Some dogs are extremely dominating and display aggression even from an early age which the dog owner should work on otherwise it can result in arising various behavioral issues. Dominance behavior in dogs is not acceptable in any human society, so it is essential that the dog owner must stop his dog from displaying dominance. Dog dominance should be controlled through proper behavioral training. Rectifying this issue is very crucial otherwise it can result in arising various problematic issues.

dog dominanceThe dog owner is the pack leader and he must behave like one as it will help in keeping the dog’s dominance in control. Sometimes, dominance can result in aggressive behavior in dogs so the dog owner should watch out for the signs of dominance, take proper measures to control it.

Here are a few signs of dog dominance:

  • Excessive Barking:

Most people are not aware of the fact that excessive barking can also be a sign of dog dominance. It can be your furry companion’s way of exhibiting dominance over the people around him so the dog owner should consider managing the traits of dominance in his dog through proper training.

  • Resource Guarding:

Another common sign of dog dominance is resource guarding. While guarding his belongings if your furry companion behaves in an aggressive way then he is probably displaying a dominant behavior which is also known as resource guarding.

If your four-legged friend tends to demand affection from you then he is displaying traits of dominance which his owner needs to fix otherwise it can result in making him disobedient.

Humping is a bad manner but it also indicates that your furry companion is displaying signs of dominance.  Generally, dogs hump other dogs or animals that are below them in a pack so if he is humping you then he thinks that you are in a subordinate position to him.

  • Ignores your command:

If your dog ignores your command willfully then such behavior would suggest that he is displaying signs of dominance over you. A dog refuses to obey his owner only when he thinks that his owner is subordinate to him.

  • Nudging to be pet

Sometimes, dogs can learn to manipulate their owners and nudge them to pet again & again. This behavior may melt the heart of most dog owners but encouraging this behavior is not good as it can boost up the dominance level and will make him more stubborn.

  • Obsessive licking

The next thing that your dog will do to display his dominance is obsessive licking. If you observe that your dog obsessively licks you or anyone then your dog is probably exhibiting dominance through it so, you need to correct this behavior through behavioral training.

Body gesture of a dominant dog

One can easily find out whether their dog is dominant or not by observing his body gesture. A dominant dog tends to exhibit through his body language so the dog owner should always pay attention to his furry companion’s body language and try to fix it before his dominance boosts up t another level.

Here’re a few body gestures that a dominant dog uses:

  • Half-moon eyes
  • Displaying teeth
  • Persistent staring
  • Placing head on other dog’s head/shoulder
  • High gait

So, these are some dog dominance signs which you dog can display, on seeing any sign the dog owner should take ample steps to fix it as if you overlook your dog’s dominant behavior then you can end up making your dog overly aggressive. A dominant dog could become highly dangerous if his demands don’t get fulfilled so all the dog owners should train their dogs from an early age so that a dog doesn’t act out aggressively.

Teaching social behavior to your canine friend is highly important as it will help in keeping your dog’s dominance at bay.

dog dominanceIn order to abolish your dog’s dominance, every dog owner needs to establish authority over his furry companion. Maintaining dominance over the dog is highly crucial to assert your position. You need to establish leadership and show your dog that you are the pack leader & he needs to obey you. Always make sure not to use any aggressive behavior while teaching your dog to be submissive. You need to do proper obedience training of your dog and reinforce your role as a pack leader. You need to make your dog clear what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t & assert dominance in a gentle way.

So, these are a few signs that your dog will display on becoming dominant so the dog owner should consider curing this dominant behavior of his furry companion by providing him with proper behavioral training.

October 4, 2018|Dog Care

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