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Signs of boredom in dogs

Just like humans, dogs can also get bored when they have nothing to do throughout the day. Dogs get bored pretty easily due to lack of mental and physical stimulation. Most of the dog owners are not able to recognize boredom in their furry companion. The dog owners should closely monitor their furry companion’s behavior as dogs tend to display their mood through their behavior.

Let’s consider some of the signs that your dog will display when he is bored:

Tail chasing

Most people wonder why do dogs chase their tail. Tail chasing in dogs is an obsessive behavior however sometimes, dogs chase their tails out of boredom. The dog owner should provide his furry companion with enough mental and physical stimulation to ensure that his dog doesn’t display such behavior.

Destructive behavior

When a dog doesn’t have any constructive thing to do then he tends to display destructive behavior. Out of boredom, your furry companion can chew up your things. If the dog owner notices that his furry companion is chewing up his shoes or the furniture then instead of punishing his dog, he should engage him with some interactive toys.


Another sign of boredom is dog whining. If you notice random whining then you should understand that it can be due to boredom. It’s your furry companion’s way of telling you to do some fun activity with him.

Jumping on humans

Jumping on people is an attention seeking behavior. When a dog gets bored then he tries to seek the attention of the people around him. The dog owner should understand that his furry companion keeps on jumping on the people because he has nothing else to do. You need to teach your dog not to jump on humans by ignoring him until he calms down.

Excessive Barking

Boredom is one of the reasons behind the excessive barking of your furry companion. On noticing that your dog is barking on everything he sees outside the window then you need to understand that he is extremely bored.

So, these are the signs that your dog will display when he gets bored. The dog owner should never ignore such warning signs and should take proper measures to cure his furry companion’s boredom. The best way to cure boredom is by exercising him daily. You can also provide him with some cool interactive toys to keep him occupied throughout the day.

August 11, 2018|Dog Care

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