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Reasons why your dog whines?

Most dog owners wonder why does their dog start whining all of a sudden? Well, whining is a common method of communication that dogs of every age group & breed used. Generally, dog whines to communicate their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. If you own a dog then you must’ve heard your dog whine at one time or another. Dog whines for numerous reasons so to make him stop, it is essential to understand the reason behind it.

Whining is a canine language so learning the reasons for dog whining can help in increasing your bond with him. Although whining is a common form of communication that all canine uses if your dog keeps whining for an extended time then it can also become a regular habit. To avoid that from happening, you need to understand the reason behind your dog’s whine. Dog whines to communicate their feeling, sometimes they whine for other reasons.

The dog owners should never encourage whining otherwise it can become a problematic issue. Whining is highly common in puppies as they do it to get attention & food from their mother. Whining in adult dogs can happen due to numerous other possible reasons.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few reasons your dog may be whining:


Dogs tend to whine when they want to seek the attention of the people around them. Mostly young dogs start whining when you leave them alone in a room as they want you to come back to the room. Some dog owners just give in whenever they hear their dog whining that is why their dog learns to do it more often to get the attention. To make your dog stop whining for seeking attention, you need to stop giving attention whenever he started whining so that he can learn that doing it won’t help him in getting your attention.


Another common reason for whining is excitement. Not many dog owners know that dogs can also whine to communicate their excitement however, it is most easily recognizable. Whenever a dog meets his owner after a long time then you can see him whining out of excitement. You can also witness your dog doing other crazy things such as jumping, barking with whining when he is too excited. To stop your dog whining out of excitement, you should consider training him to manage his behavior. For example, if your dog whines after seeing something interesting then you should block his view so that he can’t see it anymore. By doing this, your dog will learn not to whine after seeing something exciting.


Another common reason for whining in dogs can be stressful. When a dog becomes stressful then he can start whining. If the whining is accompanied by other signs of stress such as panting, lip licking, low tail, inability to respond to cues, etc then you should understand that your dog is under a lot of stress. To make him stop whining out of stress, you can consider bringing change in this environment where he feels stressed out.


The next common reason for whining in dogs can be due to pain. If your dog is suffering from any physical injury then he may start whining out of pain. When your dog is in pain then he starts whining to communicate his pain to you. If you notice any discomfort or uneasiness in your dog’s whine then he can be in pain so in that case, you should take him to a veterinarian to get him examined.

Separation anxiety

If your dog starts whining every time you leave him alone at home then it suggests that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. It is a major behavioral problem in dogs that dog owners should consider fixing otherwise his anxiety can make him destructive. To help your dog’s separation anxiety, you need to consider giving him proper behavioral training. By providing him proper training, you can condition him to stay alone without feeling anxious.


Sometimes dogs can start whining on meeting a new human or dog as he perceives them as a threat. Appeasement whining occurs in dogs that lack confidence so the dog owner should consider training his dog to build his confidence. Dogs can also start whining when they are not socialized properly so it is highly essential to socialize your dog from an early age to make him more confident in different settings.

So, these are the common reasons that trigger whining behavior in dogs. As dogs whine for different reasons so it is essential to observe other factors as well to understand the possible reason behind it. Once you’re aware of the possible reason, you should consider taking effective steps to stop whining.

Here’re a few effective ways you can stop your dog’s whining:

  • Avoid encouraging whining: The first thing that you should do is avoiding encouraging unintentional whining in your dog. If you give in every time your dog starts whining then it will become his habit so never encourage whining in your dog
  • Keep your dog occupied: To help your dog’s whining behavior, you need to ensure that he is occupied all the time so that he doesn’t start whining out of boredom.
  • Train your dog: To stop your dog’s whining, you need to train him effectively so that he can become more confident around people.

So, these are a few effective ways in which you can stop your dog’s whining. Whining is not a big behavioral issue, you just have to be patient & train him consistently to fix it.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that just understanding the reason for whining & having some patience, you can surely help your dog stop his whining behavior.

July 17, 2020|Dog Care

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