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Reasons why your dog follows you everywhere

Does your dog follow you everywhere you head to? We all enjoy our canine companion’s company but it may become too much to handle when never leave your side. This clingy behavior of a dog makes him a Velcro dog. Dog’s following you everywhere behavior doesn’t always mean that he can’t handle being separated from you as there can be many other reasons behind this overly clingy behavior of a dog such as lack of confidence, animal instinct, etc.

Dogs are our best friends and we all are aware of their undying love for us but being followed by them everywhere can be quite frustrating. To rectify this behavior of your dog, you need to deeply understand what makes him follow you around.

Let’s discuss the reasons why your dog follows you everywhere:


One of the most obvious reasons behind the clingy behavior of your dog could be the companionship that he shares with you. Over the process of domestication, dog owners have successfully build a very close relationship with dogs which is why we have become the center of their world. Dogs love being connected to their owners on a deeper level which could be the reason behind their clingy behavior.


Another major reason behind your dog’s following behavior can be due to imprinting. Generally, Imprinting occurs in the puppies who are anywhere under the 6 months of age. Due to imprinting, puppies recognize you as their mother which is why they follow you everywhere.


Some dogs are attention-seeker which is why they engage in clingy behavior to get your attention. If your dog follows you everywhere then he might just want to grab your attention. Dogs are social animals and they love to be around their loved ones which is why he thrives for your company.

Separation anxiety

The next reason behind the following habit of your dog could be separation anxiety. Some dogs could not bear to be away from their owners & any kind of separation makes them anxious which is why they keenly follow them everywhere. To deal with separation anxiety in dogs, you need to seek the help of the doctor to get him rid of separation anxiety.

Breed traits

There are certain breeds who have been bred to work with their humans. Over the centuries, humans have trained some breeds of dogs to be capable of doing things for their humans which is why now this following behavior occurs to them genetically.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, dogs follow you like a shadow because he associate good thing with you like food, playtime etc, however, If your dog’s following nature has gone too far then you must consider visiting a doctor. Just like any other behavioral issue, this one can also be modified through positive reinforcement.

August 14, 2019|Dog Care

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