Reasons Why Senior Dogs Make the Best Companions

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Reasons Why Senior Dogs Make the Best Companions

When it makes bringing home a furry companion, most people go for puppies, which makes it quite clear, why senior dogs always end up in the shelter homes. Although puppies are great, however, they aren’t the only ones out there. Senior dogs have a hard time finding a home, mainly because people have a misconception that senior dogs are not as affectionate & playful as compared to younger dogs.

Just like small puppies, senior dogs also deserve to get adopted. Senior dogs are just as great as any small puppy is. They make a great addition to the family & truly understands the meaning of getting a second chance. Most people assume that senior dogs are not a good fit for the family. Well, contrary to the popular belief, senior dogs make the best companion one can ever have.

Adopting a senior dog is an absolute pleasure as you don’t have to worry about teaching him basic things that are absolutely necessary while raising a small puppy. Senior dogs need a new home as much as younger dogs need.

Still not convinced? Well, no worries!

We’ve rounded up a few reasons why senior dogs make the best companions:

Senior dogs are calmer than young puppies

Well, we all know how energetic small puppies are. For a newbie dog owner, handling an overactive puppy can be too much. Senior dogs are often known for their calming temperament. As a dog approach his seniorhood, they will likely be calmer.

Senior dogs are instant companion                            

Another major misconception people have regarding senior dogs is that they have a hard time establishing companionship with their new parents. On a contrary, senior dogs can become your instant companion as they very well understand & appreciate that you’ve given the second chance at life. They will instantly bond with you and show their gratefulness for their rest of the lives.

Senior dogs are already housetrained

Another advantage to bringing a senior dog to your home is that you don’t have to spend endless time & efforts to housetrain him. Older dogs are usually house trained which makes it easier for their human companions as they don’t have to worry about accidents in the house. With so many years of practice, they have already filtered their behaviour & learnt all the basic etiquettes.

Senior dogs are less aggressive

When dogs are young then they tend to display a bit of aggressive behaviour which requires to be filtered otherwise, it can make the dog more destructive. When it comes to senior dogs, they have a calm temperament & won’t engage in any destructive activities.

Avoid costly surgeries

Bringing home a cute puppy is all fun until you have to bear the cost of expensive surgeries. When you bring home a senior dog then you don’t have to worry about vaccines and other costly surgeries as the adoption agencies have already fully vaccinated the dog, saving you from any unnecessary costs.

Fewer exercise needs

Senior dogs are less active as compared to young dogs which is why they have fewer exercise needs. If you are not inclined to be running with your active dog for miles then, the senior dogs would make a great companion for you. Senior dogs will have low exercise needs & will be your cuddle partner all day long.

Low maintenance

Senior dogs are quite low maintenance as compared to young dogs. They can easily get content with walks and cuddling. You don’t have to invest all your time looking after them as they are happy to take a good nap while you do your work.

Senior dogs know right from wrong

When it comes to raising a puppy, it takes a lot of training to make him understand what is right & what is wrong. Teaching a young dog “no” needs a lot of training & patience whereas saying “no” once to your senior dog is enough to make him stop doing something.

Senior dogs easily learn new tricks

Senior dogs make the best companion because they are ever ready to learn new tricks & commands. Not many people know that but dogs can be easily trained at any age. If you are bringing home a senior dog then you can stay assured that they already know the basic dog commands so you can spend time teaching them more cool tricks.

What you see is what you get

When it comes to bringing home a senior dog, you are exactly aware of his personality & there is no mystery involved with them. You are already familiar with their mood & temperament so you can easily anticipate your dog’s need & moods.

So, these are the top reasons why you should consider bringing home a senior dog. Their endearing traits & loving temperament makes them the best companion one can ever have. By adding them to your family, you can literally light up their golden years.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that if you are planning to bring a furry companion to your life then, don’t overlook the possibility of senior dogs as the right fit for you. They make a great companion & can add endless happiness & love to your life.

May 4, 2021|Dog Care

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