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Reasons for loss of appetite in dogs

Loss of appetite in dogs is an alarming situation as it acts as an indicator of an underlying medical issue. Generally, dogs lose their appetite when they are not well physically or mentally. In the medical world, the problem of loss of appetite in dogs is known as Anorexia. There can be a wide range of possibilities behind your furry companion lost appetite. To bring your dog back to normal, you need to look for its causes.

To maintain proper health of your furry companion, the dog owner needs to ensure that his furry companion eats his meal properly. Your furry companion can end up losing his weight if he stops eating.

Let’s consider some of the reasons behind loss of appetite in dogs:

Medical problem

When a dog suffers from an underlying medical problem then he may stop eating.  Loss of appetite works as an indicator of a significant health issue. A dog suffering from a kidney or liver issue can show various symptoms along with the loss of appetite. The dog owner should always take his dog to a veterinarian on suspecting sudden weight loss or loss of appetite in his furry companion.

Growing age

If your furry companion has entered his golden age or seniorhood then he will probably undergo some changes. The dog owner can witness that his senior started rejecting the food which either can be due to a dental issue or due to change in his senses. For feeding a senior dog, one should always consider giving only soft food.

Poor food quality

Another reason for the loss of appetite in dogs is feeding poor quality to your furry companion. Cheap-quality food can be less appetizing for your dog. You should only feed high-quality food to your furry companion.


Recent vaccinations can also result in loss of appetite in your furry companion. If your furry companion is recently vaccinated then he may lose his appetite temporarily. The dog owner need not worry as his furry companion will get back to normal within one or two days.

New routine

Change in the feeding times can also result in loss of appetite in dogs. Your furry companion loves to stick to their daily schedule so introducing any change in new routine can cause loss of appetite in dogs.

Dental problem

Lack of dental care for dogs can result in various dental issues such as plaque buildup, gingivitis, and bleeding gums etc. The pain caused by the dental problems can make your furry companion lose his appetite.

So, these are the possible reasons for loss of appetite in dogs. The dog owner should take potential measures to fix this issue in his furry companion.

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