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Raising a Puppy With A Full-Time Job

Everyone loves to be around little furry companions but raising them with a 9 to 5 job is quite daunting. Puppies require special care & attention in the first few weeks as it is a very crucial period for them to have a good foundation to lead a healthy & happy life. Working full-time while raising a puppy is quite hectic as you need to find a balance between both the responsibilities. Caring for a puppy requires lots of patience & hard work to ensure that it grows up in a healthy mental & physical state.

To handle an under six-months puppy, you need to offer him intense care which can be quite difficult with a full-time job so to take care of your little pooch when you are away at work, you need to take assistance from your friends or family. However, the dog owner should never make his little furry companion fully dependent on the humans’ company as then he would generate separation anxiety in the later years when you will leave him alone at home.

The balance between work & puppy care is of utmost importance. You have to create a balance between your pet-parent life & 9-5 job life. Good planning is the best way to make your life & your pet’s life easier & happier. Pets surely bring happiness in life but they also come with some added responsibilities but by taking care of a few challenges, you can easily raise a puppy with your full-time job.

Here’re a few things that you need to consider when you raise a puppy with a full-time job:

Home alone

The first question that arises in the dog owner’s mind is how will the puppy alone when he will go to work? And, the best solution to this issue is handling the responsibility to your family member or friends. The caretaker doesn’t have to stick around the puppy the whole day. You can just assign the responsibility of feeding them on time and for eliminating purpose, you can just potty train him. Some breeds of dogs couldn’t stay alone for longer periods so they involve themselves in destructive activities so if your dog belongs to such breeds then you need to hire a dog sitter and should also consider training him.


To raise an obedient puppy, it is essential to house train him well as it will help in teaching your puppy what is appropriate to do. Doing house training will help the dog in coping with the situations when you’ll away at work. You can also ask your family member or neighbor to keep a check on him from time to time.

Make home a safe & comfortable place

The next thing that every working dog owner needs to consider is to make the environment of the home safe, cozy & comfortable so that your furry companion can easily stay without freaking out. Make sure to leave enough space so that he can play around with his favorite toys.

Spend enough quality time

One of the most important thing that every dog owner should consider doing is spending enough quality time with his furry companion so that both of you can build a close bond. Only providing toys and treat won’t be enough, you need to invest you time & be his playmate. By spending enough time with him, you can create a balance between your responsibility as a pet-parent & work life.

Final Thoughts

The balance between being a pet-parent and doing a 9-5 job is very crucial to bring endless happiness into your own life as well as your furry companion’s life. All the people having full-time jobs must consider hanging out with their furry companion daily to raise a healthy and happy dog without causing any harm to your professional life.

August 16, 2019|Dog Care

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