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Puppy Care Basics

Getting a cute little puppy is a great responsibility as he requires much affection and care to grow into a happy and loyal companion. The dog owner should ensure that his little pooch is getting all the basic care to become healthy and a life-long buddy. Parenting a new puppy requires lots of hard work and time as you have to take care of him as his mother and you need to teach him all the basic lessons. It is essential to establish some good habits in him during puppyhood as it will help in establishing many happy years of an obedient dog.

Pet-proof your home

The foremost thing that one needs to consider is to pet-proofing your home. For the puppy, your home is completely a new environment, and he would probably want to explore it so it is essential to pet-proof the house so he can roam around safely. While puppy-proofing your house, you need to keep away all the harmful a things out of the reach of your pooch.

Visit a vet

The next thing that you need to do is take your new companion to a veterinarian for a proper checkup to ensure that he is healthy and free of diseases. The doctor will perform all the necessary test to check if he has any genetically related issue. Also, he will immune him from fatal diseases by vaccinating him.

Offer him lots of toys

Your little pooch will be filled with endless energy, and playtime with toys is a great way to stimulate that energy so make sure to provide him with enough toys. Also, make sure to provide him some chew toys as well. Most people wonder why do dogs need toys as they are unaware of the fact that it helps in mental and physical stimulation to a dog.

Feed him high-quality food

Feeding high-quality nutritious food to your furry companion is essential for his proper development of the body. The dog owner needs to take care that all the essential nutrients are present in the dog food. There are various benefits of feeding proper nutrition to dogs and you can also consult your veterinarian about the nutritional requirement of your furry companion.

Provide proper socialization 

During puppyhood, the dog owner should start establishing the socialization skills in his furry companion. Early dog socialization helps in avoiding the occurrence of any behavioral issues in him, and he would be able to feel comfortable around other animals and humans.

Housebreaking training

One of the most important things that one needs to teach his furry companion is to excrete outdoors. One should potty train the dog properly and should remain consistent while teaching the dog where he is supposed to eliminate.

Parenting a puppy is a rewarding experience and every dog owner should ensure to provide proper care to his furry companion to make him lead a healthy and happy life.

August 21, 2018|Dog Care

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