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Potty Train your Dog

Potty training a dog may seem like a challenging task. The dog owner needs to stay calm and consistent during this process as your dog would require some time to understand where he needs to eliminate. You can make this period stress-free by remaining positive and calm.

The dog owner can prevent accidents from happening by avoiding confusion and misunderstanding and by praising your dog at a right moment.

It may take up to 2 weeks to potty train a dog. In the first week, you need to train your dog efficiently and during the second week, you need to stay consistent so that your furry companion can learn that behavior

During the first week of potty training

During the first week of potty training, you need to keep a constant watch on your furry companion in order to prevent any accident from happening. It is essential to monitor your dog to make sure that he didn’t eliminate in the house. And if you find your dog eliminating in the house then don’t scold him as yelling or scolding will just make them fearful so, avoid any kind of fierce behavior towards them.

You need to establish a proper schedule of meals and potty and make sure to provide him food at the same time every day. Just like humans, dogs also have a biological clock inside their body so, in order to make the elimination routine more predictable, you need to feed him at a fixed time.

Potty training is a part of behavior training so, you need to reward him each time he eliminates at the right spot. You can reward him by praising him, this way he will understand that he needs to eliminate at that spot.

The whole process may involve a number of accidental elimination done by your dog but you need to stay calm and understand that your four-legged friend needs some time to learn a behavior.

You can also teach your dog certain signals by which he can indicate that he needs to go outside to poop

During the second week of potty training

By this time, your dog would know when and where to eliminate. During this period you need to stay consistent and continue doing all the things that you were supposed to do in the first week of potty training. With consistency, you will be able to potty train your dog effectively.

During the first week, you need to be extra careful and put in a lot of attention and hard work but by being consistent, you will be able to see the results by the second week of potty training. Never punish your dog if he eliminates inside the house as punishment can create a fearful and confusing situation for them.

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