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Pet-Proofing Your Home

Dogs reward our life with endless love and, the dog owner should reward them by ensuring their safety both inside and outside of the house. Just like any other animal, dogs have mischievous behavior and it potentially gets them into trouble. Dogs love to explore new places and new smells and, when you bring him into your home then he desires to explore the whole area but if your surrounding is not pet-proof then it can result in an accident.

Ensuring a safe environment for your new furry member is very crucial. Being a pack leader, it is your responsibility to keep your furry friend out of all the potentially dangerous situation by pet proofing your home

Before welcoming your new member, you need to prepare your home in such a way that it doesn’t pose any threat to your furry friend’s well being.

Pet-proofing takes the same amount of hard work as baby proofing your home takes. While pet-proofing, you need to make sure that every corner of your home is safe for your dog. Pet-proofing is the ultimate key to keep your furry companion safe and secure.

Let’s consider some crucial things that one needs to take care of in the dog-proofing process:

The Living Room

Just like humans, dogs also spend most of their time in this corner of the home. In your living room, your furry companion will probably find various household items like electrical cords, sofa, television, candle, houseplants, window etc.

while pet-proofing your living room, the first thing that one needs to ensure is keeping all the electrical wires out of reach of your furry companion as coming in contact with the electrical wires can put your dog in dangerous situations. Also, the dog owner needs to place television beyond the reach of his furry friend.

Some houseplants are toxic to dogs so the dog owner must avoid placing such plants in the living room which can cause toxicity in his furry companion.

Put away all the candles from the reach of your furry friend as he can unknowingly ingest it.

If you have kids then make sure to put away all his toys as your new dog can chew over the toys.

The next thing that you need to put away is decorative breakable items. Your dog can break such things and can harm himself.

The bedroom

Now, it’s time to pet-proof your bedroom. Always ensure to keep the door of your bedroom close when you are not attending your furry companion. Make sure to keep away all the laundry items as your dog can ingest the buttons which can cause a major threat to him.

The next thing that one needs to consider is to avoid keeping any medicines and lotions on the bedside table as it can pose severe problems if he ingests the medicine.

Avoid keeping trash cans in your bedroom as then it would be easily accessible to your furry friend.

Always keep your shoes in your shoe closet so that it won’t be accessible to your dog.

The Kitchen

The foremost thing that you need to keep away from the reach of your furry companion is food. Some human food can cause toxicity in your furry companion’s body so the dog owner must ensure keeping all the eatables in the closed pantry. Even if the food is not toxic for your dog then also keep it away as a dog would try to steal the food and doing such thing on a regular basis can make your dog obese.

Always ensure to keep a tight lid on the trash can so that your dog won’t be able to open it. Dogs enjoy eating from trash can but it can make them fall sick so, to keep your dog’s health intact, it is essential to keep away the trash can.

One should never keep any cleaning supplies within the reach of your dog. Out of curiosity, your dog may try to open it. The chemicals present in them can be dangerous for him so you should never put such things lower shelves of your kitchen.

The Bathroom

New dog owners are not aware of the fact that dogs love to drink water right from the toilet. No matter how gross it is for human but your dog would not stop drinking water from there unless you take any measures. Drinking toilet water can surely harm your furry friend’s health. To solve this issue, you can consider a child lock and always make sure that his water bowl is filled with fresh water.

Always make sure to keep away all the cleaning supplies and put the soaps or shampoos on the higher shelves.

The Backyard

Now, it’s time to pet-proof the outer space. All dogs love playing in the backyard and it is your duty to ensure that the surrounding in which he will play is safe and secure. Make sure that there is not any pesticide used as coming into contact with such chemicals can harm his health. The next thing that you need to make sure is that there is no poisonous plant in the backyard.

Adding a furring companion to your family is a lifelong commitment and one needs to ensure to keep his dog in a secure surrounding. You need to consider everything from your dog’s perspective then you will be able to pet-proof your home successfully. By pet-proofing the surrounding, you will be able to reduce the risk of any trouble.

April 10, 2018|Dog Care

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