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We all know a dog brings optimism and joy in our life but we also need to ensure their state of well being by providing them all the care and nourishment for their better development.
So here we assist you with all the knowledge you need to  have regarding the health, training issues you may face if you own a dog.

“Sometimes, a speechless four-legged companion understands you better than an intellectual human.”


Let’s explore your four-legged friend’s life.


Let’s explore your four-legged friend’s life.

How to keep your senior dog active?

When a dog enters his golden age then keeping him active become quite challenging. Just like humans, dogs also go through some physical and cognitive changes after entering seniorhood. However, to ensure the proper functioning […]

How to deal with matted dog hair?

Dogs with long, luscious feather coat are more prone to matting & it can also cause some severe health issues. Dogs with extremely matted hair need extreme makeovers to detangle all the matter hair. Dogs […]

Which Vaccines Does Your Dog Needs?

Vaccination is absolutely essential for ensuring your dog live a long & healthy life. Vaccines may put your dog through some discomfort but it can prevent life-long discomfort of your furry companion by keeping away […]

Why do dogs whine?

Just like barking, whining is just another way of communication that dogs use. Some dogs use this vocal expression more than others. There can be a number of things that a dog can try to […]

Is Corn Good For Your Dog’s Health?

Feeding corns to dogs have always been a controversial issue among dog owners. Some consider it as merely a filler or hot grain which implies that it doesn’t contain essential nutrients in it whereas the […]

Dealing with travel anxiety in dogs

Dogs are surely great travel partners however sometimes your furry companion can suffer from travel anxiety issues. Both humans can dogs love to explore new places but traveling brings in many changes in your dog’s […]

Understanding Dog Emotions

In recent years, many researchers have offered their insights into the emotional lives of our canine companions, and by delving deeper into the canine minds, they have come forward with some surprising results about the […]

Bone Treats: Do’s & Don’ts

Bones are dog’s absolute favorites and every dog owner should include a bone treat in his furry companion’s meal as bones are filled with high nutrients in the right amount which helps in keeping the […]