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We all know a dog brings optimism and joy in our life but we also need to ensure their state of well being by providing them all the care and nourishment for their better development.
So here we assist you with all the knowledge you need to  have regarding the health, training issues you may face if you own a dog.

“Sometimes, a speechless four-legged companion understands you better than an intellectual human.”


Let’s explore your four-legged friend’s life.


Let’s explore your four-legged friend’s life.

How to improve dogs recall?

Training recall command to your dog is of utmost importance as it helps in ensuring that whenever your pooch will hear you calling his name then he will come running back to you. Being able […]

Why do dogs love to cuddle?

When it comes to cuddling, there is no one like a furry companion who cuddles with his human at many times throughout the day. Dogs love to cuddle with their owners as it is their […]

Simple Ways to Relieve Dog Boredom

When boredom strikes a dog then he becomes frantic and tends to release his surplus energy by engaging in destructive activities. Unlike humans, dogs don’t like getting rest all day long which is why they […]

Dealing with a shedding dog

Shedding is a natural process for dogs as it helps them in getting rid of damaged hair. Generally, dogs shed their summer coast so that a thick coat of fur can come to protect them […]

Lethargy in Dogs

Does your dog remain lethargic throughout the day? If yes, then keep on reading.

Generally, excessive tiredness or lethargy signifies any underlying health issue which is why your pooch’s body appear weak. Lethargy can indicate anything […]

How to keep your senior dog active?

When a dog enters his golden age then keeping him active become quite challenging. Just like humans, dogs also go through some physical and cognitive changes after entering seniorhood. However, to ensure the proper functioning […]

How to deal with matted dog hair?

Dogs with long, luscious feather coat are more prone to matting & it can also cause some severe health issues. Dogs with extremely matted hair need extreme makeovers to detangle all the matter hair. Dogs […]

Which Vaccines Does Your Dog Needs?

Vaccination is absolutely essential for ensuring your dog live a long & healthy life. Vaccines may put your dog through some discomfort but it can prevent life-long discomfort of your furry companion by keeping away […]