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Moving with your dog

Moving to a new place is distressful for both humans and dogs. Generally, it is more challenging for your four-legged friend as it can make them insecure. It is the pack leader’s responsibility to keep his dog calm and stress-free while moving to a new place. The dog owner should help his dog in adjusting to a new environment.

Let’s discuss some effective ways to avoid the unpleasantness of moving:

Follow old routines

Moving to a new place can stress out your furry companion completely so the dog owner should follow his old routines to avoid any unpleasant feeling. If your furry companion is accustomed to any particular routine then after moving to a new place you should keep following the same routine. Changing daily routine can make your dog more stressed.

Shower more affection on him

During this time, your dog requires a bit of extra affection to rule out the discomfort. The dog owner should consider spending more time with their furry companion to comfort him and to lower down his anxieties. For the first few days after moving to a new place, the dog owner needs to spend a lot of time playing and exercising his dog.

Don’t forget to bring his old stuff

The dog owner should never forget bringing his dog’s old belonging to the new house. The scent of his old toys and blankets will make him feel at home. Most dog owners tend to fill their new home with new things without realizing that it can deteriorate their emotional health as scents of old stuff in a new environment can comfort your furry companion.

Have patience

The dog owners need to understand that their furry companion requires some time to get used to the new environment. Some dogs get comfortable within a few days of moving whereas some dogs require a little extra time to adjust to a new environment so the dog owner needs to have some patience while dealing with their furry companion.

Keep your dog safe

The dog owner should ensure his dog’s safety. Moving to a new place can freak them out, and they may also try to hide away. All you need to do is keep your dog safe and secure by ensuring that he is wearing an identification tag so that he doesn’t get lost in the new environment. Also, don’t forget to update the stats of his identification tag.

By showering lots of affection and reinforcing positive behavior, you can easily make your four-legged friend adapt to the new environment.

August 20, 2018|Dog Care

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