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Mentally Stimulating Games for Dogs

Every dog requires mental stimulation to stay mentally fit. If you own an energetic dog then brain games will help in keeping the dog’s mind occupied and he won’t feel boredom. Boredom can result in destructive behavior in dogs. Interactive brain games help in defeating boredom and boost up the self-confidence in dogs. Mentally stimulating games help in channelizing the surplus energy in a learning experience. A mental workout tends to be more tiring than physical activities so, the dog owner should consider doing some mentally stimulating activities with their dog.

Both physical & mental exercise is essential for proper development of your dog’s body & mind. Mind stimulating games for dogs can help in defeating your their boredom. Just like kids, dogs also need to be involved in games that have thinking involved. Just doing a lot of running is not enough as it will only make him tired but will not make his boredom disappear. Just like human, a dog’s mental health can also start deteriorating if he doesn’t get enough mental stimulation. Canine mental health decline can cause severe issues such as higher anxiety, disorientation, memory loss, etc. so, engaging your dogs in mental activity like fun brain games can boost his mental health.

Behavioral issues in a dog such as barking, excessive chewing, etc. can be avoided by keeping your dog mentally stimulated.No matter to what breed your dog belongs to, you need to let your dog play brain games so that he can have good mental health.

Let’s find out various mentally stimulating games that you can do with your dog:


You can stimulate your dog’s mind by playing hide and seek with him. All you need to do is hide his favorite treat or toy in a strategic place then ask him to find it. Make sure that the reward should tempt your dog enough and boost excitement in him so that he will engage his skills to find it. This game will help in channelizing your dog’s excessive energy. You can also become the treasure of your dog that he needs to find, he will engage both his ears and nose to find you.


Puzzle toys are interactive toys which help in boosting problem-solving abilities in dogs. Start with a simple puzzle then gradually provide him a complex puzzle. This kind of puzzles often has to treat hidden inside which helps in keeping your dog focused. Puzzle toys are an effective way to keep your dog mentally stimulated.


Cup game can also make your dog mentally stimulated. All you need to do is take 3-4 cups on the floor then put the treat under one cup and let your dog find under which cup the treat has been hidden. This game will engage his nose to find the treat.


The next game that you can play with your furry companion is teaching the names of his toys. All you need to do is give a certain name to your dog’s favorite toy then make sure that your dog knows the name and place all the toys on the floor then ask your dog to pick the toy.


Obstacle course helps in providing mental stimulation to your dog. You can make an obstacle course with the help of the things available at your home. Run your imagination and build a creative obstacle course in which your dog will enjoy playing.


You can teach your dog to use all his senses efficiently by playing treasure hunt with him. You can start with a simple treasure hunt, it will help him to understand about the game and what he is asked to do. For instance- you can hide his favorite treat in a much obvious place then ask him to find it out. Once he understood the basics of the game then you can introduce complexity in it. It’s a great way to engage your furry companion’s mind.

Final Thoughts

Being a responsible dog owner, you need to ensure that your dog stays fit both mentally & physically. Just like humans, dogs also need mental workouts to keep their brain relaxed and free of boredom So, do play all these mentally stimulating games with your four-legged friend in order to keep him happy and healthy.

March 9, 2018|Dog Training

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