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Living with small dogs

Nowadays, more and more people love to bring home a smaller-breed dog, and the major reason behind it is that it is easier to care for them. For most dog owners, parenting a larger-breed dog can be a daunting task as maintaining a proper control over them requires lots of effort. It is easier to manage a small-breed dog as they make less mess as compared to medium or larger breeds, and unlike larger breeds of dogs, they can easily reside in a tiny living space.

Let’s consider a few pros and cons of living with a small dog:


  • Small dogs can easily adjust in small spacing

Nowadays, the majority of people prefer living in small apartments, and a lack of proper space is a big problem in parenting a larger-breed dog whereas small breeds of dogs can easily accommodate in tiny apartments.

  • Small dogs live longer

It has been proved in a study that small dogs tend to live longer than larger breeds of dog as larger breeds of dog age at an accelerated pace which results in reducing their lifespan. By bringing a smaller- breed dog home, you can enjoy his companionship for a couple of more years.

  • It costs less to feed them

Small dogs have less appetite as compared to any larger breed dog so they require less amount of food in their diet. Less food implies less cost so the dog owner can save a lot of money by bringing home a smaller breed of dog.

  • It is easier to cuddle small dogs

With small dogs, you can enjoy endless cuddle sessions as it is easy to pick them up and take them around in the arms.

  • They have minimal exercising requirement

Small breed of dogs does not require much mental and physical stimulation. Regular small walks are enough to keep them happy and in shape.


  • It is harder to house train small dogs

Training a small dog requires a lot of effort, time, and patience as they are stubborn and don’t like to accept orders so the dog owners need to work harder to train them effectively.

  • Excessive vocalization

Another problem associated with small breed dogs is that they bark excessively. They have a very common habit of unnecessary vocalization which can irritate anyone around them.

  • Small dogs are very fragile

The tiny body structure of small dogs makes them fragile due to which small dogs are more prone to injuries. The dog owner needs to stay attentive whenever his furry companion is around kids as they are very energetic and can accidentally harm the dog.

  • Small dogs don’t prefer to socialize much

Small dogs are very possessive about their owner and don’t enjoy their happy moments with anybody else. Small dogs do not prefer to socialize much with other dogs or humans.

  • Small dog syndrome

Small dog syndrome is a behavioral issue associated with smaller breeds. When a small breed dog displays any dominant or aggressive behavior and, disobeys the rules of the house then such condition is considered as a small dog syndrome.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

So, these are a few advantages and disadvantages of living with a small dog. The dog owner should consider all these things before adding a small-breed furry companion into his life.

October 3, 2018|Dog Care

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