Living with a Deaf Dog

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Living with a Deaf Dog

Some dog owners believe that living with a deaf dog is quite difficult as they won’t be able to establish good communication with them. Deafness in dogs can be due to various reasons such as deafness due to infection, deaf since birth, deafness due to the presence of foreign body in the ear or deafness due to excessive earwax or dirt in the ear. Hearing loss is a gradual process, and also it is an invisible disability so it is very difficult to notice.

Even after having a disability, your furry companion can still lead a normal life. All dogs make use of their sense of smell first then the sense of sight and then the sense of hearing to experience the world around them. The dog owners should train their furry companion so well that they can fully focus on heightening the other senses. Training can majorly help in compensating the hearing loss in dogs.

The dog owner needs to understand that feeling bad for their furry companion’s disability can make no difference in their life. You just need to adopt a different approach to be able to communicate with your four-legged friend. Before pouring your endless affection to your dog, you need to guide him as a pack leader.

Training plays a significant role in ensuring that your furry companion lives a normal life. There are various benefits of positive reinforcement method of training so the dog owner should consider using it while teaching important commands to his furry friend.
Let’s consider some training tips which can help you in training your furry companion.

  • Attaining the attention

The foremost thing that a dog owner needs to do is attaining your dog’s attention. By thumping on the ground, you can generate vibration which will make your deaf dog look at you. Another way of attaining attention is by using a flashlight or by using a vibrating electronic collar.

  • Using hand signals

The next thing that you need to teach your furry companion is using hand signals for communicating. Teach your furry companion effective obedience commands by signaling him with hands. Obedience training plays a vital role in filtering your furry companion’s behavior.

  • Positive Reinforcement

You can give small treats or rewards as a part of positive reinforcement, it will make him have a good understanding of favorable behavior and he will surely display that behavior more often.

  • Keep him on the leash

The dog owner should consider keeping his dog on a leash in outdoors as to avoid any unwanted situation. As in case of emergency, your dog won’t be able to take verbal commands so for ensuring your dog’s safety, you should keep him on a leash.

Training a deaf dog requires lots of patience, proper knowledge and consistency so, the dog owner needs to remain consistent while training his furry companion, and he will get the desired result within a short span of time.

July 3, 2018|Dog Care

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