Is Corn Good For Your Dog’s Health?

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Is Corn Good For Your Dog’s Health?

Feeding corns to dogs have always been a controversial issue among dog owners. Some consider it as merely a filler or hot grain which implies that it doesn’t contain essential nutrients in it whereas the majority of people claims that it isn’t a filler and it contains various essential nutrients which can improve your furry companion’s health.

Many veterinarians also claim that feeding corns to your furry companion can help in keeping his health intact as it is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Corns are high in nutritional value and can ensure the optimum wellness of your furry companion.

Corn is a rich source of these nutrients:

Protein: Corn is a great source of protein for your furry companion & it helps in maintaining the good health of your skin, muscles & hair.

 Carbohydrates: Corns are a rich source of digestible carbohydrates & it will offer great energy to your furry companion.

Antioxidants: Corn has anti-oxidants like vitamin E which helps in strengthening your dog’s immune system.

 Linoleic acid: It’s an omega-6 fatty acid which helps in maintaining the health of your dog’s skin & coat.

Fiber: Corn is a rich source of fiber which helps in promoting your pooch’s gut health.

Corn is really a healthy option for your dog as it is packed with all the nutritional value which is essential for your furry companion’s growth. In most dog foods, corn is one of the most common ingredients so it is completely safe to give corns to your furry companion, however, you need to consider moderation while feeding him. To ensure that your furry companion can easily digest corn, you need to cook them properly so that all its nutritional value can be take-up by his body.

There are around 1% chances of having an allergy to grains so it is very rare for a dog to have a sensitivity to corn. Giving a balanced diet to your furry companion is of utmost importance which is why grains like corn are included in his diet to make him overall healthy. If you are thinking about feeding corns to your puppy then you need to reconsider your thoughts again as corns are best suitable for adult dogs so it is highly advised to ask your veterinarian first before giving it to your puppy.

Another important thing that you need to ensure is that never ever let your dog eat corn through a cob. Eating corns on the cob can result in serious intestinal blockage so the dog owner should always avoid feeding corns directly from cob to his furry companion.

Final Thoughts

Feeding corn to your furry companion is good for his overall health. Avoid feeding corns on a regular basis as corn is already present in most of the dog food so feeding corn once in a while is a better option. Corn is truly an inexpensive food which is filled with enormous nutrients to keep your furry companion overall healthy.

August 19, 2019|Dog Care

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