Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

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Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

Like most dog owners, are you also unsure whether giving CBD oil is safe for dogs or not? Many studies have been done to figure out the potential benefits & risks associated with CBD oil. One of the most important thing that one needs to take care of before even thinking of giving CBD to their dog is whether it is legal in their state or not. Under the controlled substance act of 1970, Cannabis is illegal under federal law, however, the medical use of cannabis is legal in 33 states of the USA.

The use of CBD oil has become a matter of great debate among dog owners. Some claim it to be super beneficial whereas some dog owners are totally against its use as accidents of pets due to its overdose has become much common.

Before exploring the benefits & risks of CBD oil in dogs, let’s quickly understand what is CBD oil?

cbd oil for dogsCBD or Cannabidiol oil is a liquid extracted from the cannabis or hemp. It is enriched with therapeutic properties & doesn’t contain any psychoactive elements which imply that it provides relief without intoxicating your dog. Seeing your canine companion in extreme pain is heart wrecking so giving CBD oil can calm him down & will also help in alleviating pain. CBD oil offers a relaxing effect by targeting the receptors present in the brain & central nervous system.

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from severe ailments such as anxiety, cancer, arthritis, etc. which can cause distress to your furry companion so giving CBD oil can help in lowering down the intensity of the pain. Humans are using CBD oil to alleviate their pain for years now but treating dogs issues using this oil is quite new.

Nowadays, there is numerous pet-friendly CBD oil available in the market. The most important element present in cannabis flower that is entitled to causing intoxication is THC, the dog owner needs to ensure that the CBD oil he is choosing for his furry friend contains little or no THC in it.

We’ve rounded up some benefits of giving CBD oil to dogs:

Manages Anxiety

Dog of any age can suffer from anxiety & stress issues. For a responsible dog owner, managing his furry companion anxiety is of utmost importance. If anxiety isn’t controlled in time then it can result in causing many other mental & behavioral issues. By giving CBD oil to your dog, you can help him to soothe his mind & curb all his anxieties. CBD oil is also really effective in dealing with fears & phobias. Even veterinarian also advise the dog owners to give their pooch the therapeutic CBD oil to fight off any anxiety issue.

Increases appetite

Do you face trouble feeding your furry companion? well, don’t worry CBD oil may help. A study done by the national cancer institute states that giving a few drops of CBD oil can help in improving your furry companion’s appetite. Loss of appetite is much common in the senior dog or a sick dog so you can add a few drops of CBD oil in their diet to boost their appetite. CBD oil also helps in dealing with vomiting & nausea so you can consider giving it to fix his nausea.

Prevents neurodegenerative disease

CBD oil is enriched with therapeutic properties which can help in protecting the brain cell from toxicity. Many studies have been done to find out the potential benefits on the spine & nerve & it has been found that CBD oil truly helps the ones who are struggling with the various issues associated with spine & nerve. Adding a few drops in your senior dog’s diet can help in protecting him from any neuro diseases.

Relieve pain

The most common reason for giving CBD oil to dogs is to alleviate pain. This oil works wonder to tame any chronic pain of your pooch. Even veterinarians also advise dog owners to give CBD oil to their dog as it reduces the pain by targeting the receptors present in the brain & central nervous system of your pooch.  All sorts of acute pain whether its nerve-related or due to inflammation, CBD oil can efficiently reduce the pain.

Prevent Cancer

Just like humans, dogs can have cancer too. The dog owners can consider giving a few drops of CBD oil to their dog daily to prevent any chances of the cancer cell to develop. CBD oil has therapeutic properties which help in killing the cancer cells. It strengthens the immune system which fights off all the chances of cancer.

cbd oil for dogsIs CBD oil completely safe for your dog?

Yes, absolutely. Many studies have been done to prove the fact that giving CBD oil to your dog is completely safe. Nowadays, many CBD oil pet products are available in the market which can help in improving your furry companion’s overall health. However, if your dog is already on any medication then you need to consult your veterinarian first before giving CBD oil to your dog. For both animals & humans, CBD oil is a life-saving herb which has diverse health benefits so, it is completely safe for your dog.

Also, it is highly crucial for every dog owner to ensure that the CBD oil doesn’t contain THC in it as it can result in intoxication. Giving the CBD oil is right dosage is also important. If your dog is showing positive effects after consuming CBD oil then don’t go overboard with it as an overdose of anything is not advisable.

Final Thoughts

To sum up this article, we can say you can give CBD oil to your furry companion but after consulting your veterinarian. Although CBD oil is enriched with medicinal properties still you need to ask the doctor then he will suggest you the product which will work best for your dog. Always choose the CBD oil product wisely & make sure to monitor the performance of the oil on your furry companion.

October 1, 2019|Dog Health

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