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Incredible Things Dogs Can Sense Before They Happen

We all know-how intelligent our canine companions are. Many researches have suggested that dogs have much superior senses than humans that make them capable of sensing things even before they happen. People who enjoy the ownership of dogs very well aware of the fact that their pooch can detect intense situations using their powerful senses. Dogs have a strong sense of smell & hearing with which they protect their loved ones by detecting any possible danger such as natural disasters, etc.

People think that their furry companion is least bother with the things happening around but the reality is that dogs are more aware of the changes that are happening around them than the humans. Many people also state that dogs can also sense paranormal activity or diseases, etc. however, it is not scientifically proven yet. With over 220 million scent receptors present in a dog’s nose, he can easily detect a smell from miles away. Many people also believe that dogs use their sixth sense which makes them quite extraordinary. You may have heard hundreds of stories of how heroic dogs have saved the lives of people by acting on their instincts. Dogs are truly extraordinary beings, and due to their remarkable ability, they are often trained to find missing people or any explosive item.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few incredible things dogs can sense before it actually happens:


The first thing that dogs are capable of detecting is thunderstorms. Dog’s incredible senses can easily detect when something changes on the horizon. They can easily detect thunderstorms because they are very well in-tune with the weather so any shift in the barometric pressure & the static electric field helps them to anticipate the arrival of the storm. Dog’s powerful senses can easily detect the oncoming storm even when it is miles away. Many dog owners notice that their furry companion starts freaking out whenever they feel that the storm is on its way as they are terrified of thunder. Dogs are considered as great weather forecaster as they can easily detect the changes in ozone concentration & rise in humidity levels that occur right before the thunderstorm.


The next thing that your furry companion can easily sense is earthquakes. It has been historically documented that dogs can detect oncoming seismic activity before it becomes apparent to humans. Dog’s hearing sense is as powerful as its sense of smell so they can hear the vibration & movement happening underground. There are many records of fleeing as far back as ancient Greece. When dogs become aware of an oncoming earthquake then they start showing the sign of distress. Many occurrences suggest that when a dog senses earthquake then they escape from that place & try to reach higher grounds.

Pregnancy & onset of labor

The next thing that your furry companion can easily sense when there is a baby on the way. When someone in your family is pregnant then your dog can become overprotective towards that person. Dogs have superior senses using which they can smell the changes in woman’s hormones. Aside from this, dogs can also sense the onset of labor & they also try to give signals by not leaving them alone for one minute. Dogs can detect the labor situation before it actually happens by smelling the labor scent & other changes that occur the pregnant woman’s behavior.


Dogs are also capable of detecting major illnesses such as diabetes or cancer. Dogs’ powerful noses are even capable of sniffing out medical conditions. Dogs have thousands of receptors present in their nose which make them extremely remarkable. Dogs are even trained to detect diseases ranging from Migraine,  Malaria, Cancer, Parkinson’s disease, etc. They use their sense of smell to sniff out any changes in the body. If you find your dog sniffing any particular body area obsessively then you should consider paying a visit to your doctor.

Human emotions

Another thing dogs are capable of detecting is human emotions such as anger,  sadness, etc. After domestication, when dogs started living with humans, they had attained the ability to read human emotions. If you have a rough day then your dog can sense it & will offer you infinite cuddles to cheer you up.

When you’re about to come home

Another interesting thing that your furry companion can sense is that you are about to come home. Your furry companion’s powerful nose can smell easily smell you even from a great distance. Additionally, dogs can quickly pick up cues such as the sound of the car, etc. which alert them that their owner is about to walk in.


Not many people know that dogs can also sense the demise of someone in the family. It may sound a little strange but the fact is that every human being produces certain biological & chemical changes before dying which dogs can easily detect. Therefore, whenever such a situation occurs, dogs tend to stick by that family member & show sadness.


Another incredible thing that dogs can sense is fear. When humans are fearful then it tends to show in their body language & behavior. Moreover, their sweat glands also produce certain odor which dogs can easily sense.

So, these are the most incredible things that your furry companion can sense before it actually happens. Dogs are a true life lifesaver as their incredible senses can predict numerous things accurately before we humans can.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, dogs are truly blessed with amazing senses & remarkable abilities using which they can sense things before it actually happens.

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