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How to Train your Dog to be Kid-friendly?

Seeing your kids play with your dog is extremely beautiful. Bringing home a furry companion is an incredible experience for both adults & children as it blossoms a bond of friendship for life. Dogs require proper training & socialization to know their boundaries & limitations.

Some dogs love to play around children & never try to harm them whereas some breeds of dogs require proper training & socialization before keeping them around kids. By training your dog to be kid-friendly, you can give your kid his best companion. By developing empathy & love for kids in your dog, you can help them foster a great friendship. Both dogs and children love to play all day but that doesn’t mean that they will get along naturally. You need to introduce your kid to your dog first & train both of them to be gentle with each other so that both of them have a positive experience.

Dogs and children can have great companionship but to make your dog act gently around the kids, you need to give him proper training. If your dog doesn’t like being around kids or act a little aggressive then you shouldn’t allow him to play with your kids until he becomes kid-friendly. Some dogs are even scared of kids & prefer to stay away from them so in such cases, you should socialize them properly with kids so that they can enjoy their company. Children have a high energy level & are full of life so you need to train effectively so that he doesn’t respond negatively with your child. By training your dog to be kid-friendly, you can prepare your dog to stay calm around kids so that he doesn’t hurt them unintentionally.

We’ve rounded up a few effective ways in which you can train your dog to be kid-friendly:

Use positive reinforcement

The best way to make your dog comfortable around kids is by using positive reinforcement techniques so that he can associate kids with good things. There are many benefits of positive reinforcement such as helping your dog socialize better with kids. To encourage good behavior towards kids, you can make use of praises, treats & attention. Once you help your dog associate kids with good experience, he will start behaving well around children.

Introduce your dog to children’s toys

The next effective way that will train your dog to be kid-friendly is by introducing him to children’s toys. Both dogs and children love to play with toys. Your children may know which is their toys but your dog doesn’t know which toys are his. The inability to differentiate between dog toys & human toys result in growling & snapping. The best way to avoid such things from happening is by introducing your dog to children’s toys so that he doesn’t get too excited after seeing your kid’s toys. This will help in avoiding any severe consequences from occurring. By introducing him with children’s toys such as remote control cars, dolls, etc. you can easily instruct him to “stay” or “leave it” before he runs after it.

Incorporate an obedience program

The next effective way of training your dog to be kid-friendly is by incorporating an obedience program so that you can ensure the safety of your kids. Obedience training will help in teaching your dog to be well-behaved around children. Make sure that your dog has proper obedience training before you make him play with kids. Obedience training helps in filtering your dog’s behavior so that he doesn’t get too excited while playing with kids.

Respect your dog’s feeling

When it comes to training your dog to be kid-friendly, you should always respect your dog’s feelings, and don’t force him to do something that he doesn’t want to do. If your dog doesn’t want to play then you shouldn’t force him to play with your children as it will only make him some resentful towards them. If you want your dog to be kid-friendly then you should consider his feeling too as it will help him to behave well naturally around kids. Also, don’t forget to teach your kids as well to respect your dog’s feelings.

Train your dog not to jump

Some dogs tend to jump when they get overly excited but doing such things around kids can be pretty dangerous as your dog can easily knock your toddler & get him injured. You need to train him not to jump so that he can’t understand that such behavior is not acceptable.

Establish some rules

To make your dog kid-friendly, you need to establish some rules for both your dog and kids so that both of them understand their boundaries. Always make sure that your dog eats in his bowl. Never allow your child to let the dog eat from his plate as it can be pretty dangerous. Also, make sure that both your dog & your kids play with their toys so that there are no chances of snapping each other. Make sure that your kids are following the ground rules.

Never leave your dog & child unattended

Surely, dogs and children make beautiful pairs but never ever leave them together unattended as sometimes, things can go wrong so to avoid any adverse situation from happening, you should always ensure to stay around whenever your dog & kid are playing together.

So, these are some effective tips that every dog owner needs to consider to train his dog to be kid-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, just by providing proper training & socialization to your dog, you can make him comfortable & safe around your kids.

June 13, 2020|Dog Care

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