How to Tell if a Dog is From a Puppy Mill?

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How to Tell if a Dog is From a Puppy Mill?

Puppy mills are a nightmare for any dog, and sadly most people aren’t even aware of the plight of puppy mill dogs. If you’re a first-time dog owner then, there is a high possibility that you know nothing about puppy mills.

Puppy mills or puppy farm refers to a commercial dog breeding facility where mother dogs are bred constantly without even screening for diseases. Moreover, the horrific conditions in which puppies live also result in developing serious health & behavioural issues so every dog owner should avoid getting a dog from a puppy mill.

If you are soon-to-be a fur parent then, it becomes important for you to be aware of the signs of a puppy mill dog. A puppy mill dog can have potential medical & behavioural issues which is why it is important to look out for signs to ensure that your puppy is not from a puppy mill.

Now, you must be wondering how can one tell just by seeing if the puppy is from a puppy mill or not. In puppy mills, breeders care more about money instead of raising a healthy puppy which is why puppy mill dogs are not healthy both physically & in terms of behaviour.

To help you not accidentally get a puppy mill dog, here’re a few signs to identify if a dog might be from a puppy mill:

Puppy is unclean/unhealthy

One of the most obvious sign is checking how clean or healthy the puppies look. Generally, puppy mills keep puppies in a filthy condition & they don’t even care to keep the puppy clean so by checking the quality of their coat, you can identify if the dog is healthy or not. An unclean or unhealthy puppy is definitely a product of relentless breeding.

Puppy parents aren’t present

Another way of knowing if the puppy is from a puppy mill is by asking the breeder about the puppy’s parents. A reputed breeder will not hesitate to show you the parents of the puppy you are willing to buy, whereas, a puppy mill breeder will not let you meet the puppy’s parents. If such a thing happens, then, you can easily tell that the puppy is from a puppy mill.

Several litters of puppies available

The next thing to notice is if the breeder has several litters of puppies available at any given time. Puppy mill breeders are all about making money which is why they always have several litters of puppies available. When breeders have multiple litters at a time then they don’t tend to give proper care & attention to the puppies, which results in deteriorating their health.

Lack of medical care

Another sign to notice is whether the puppy that you’re willing to buy has received proper medical care. A well-reputed breeder would always keep all his puppies vaccinated whereas a puppy mill puppy is often not vaccinated. Even they don’t care to keep a medical record of the puppy to avoid any extra expense so, if the breeder doesn’t hand over the puppy’s medical history then he is definitely a product of the puppy mill.

Too young puppy

If the puppy is younger than 8 weeks then it implies that the breeder is too eager to sell him. Not many people are aware that puppies shouldn’t be separated until they are 8 weeks old, if separated early then it can result in causing development and behavioural problems in dogs. If you see a puppy in the pet store that is younger than 8 weeks then that is definitely from a puppy mill.

They don’t ask you to sign paperwork

A well-reputed breeder will always take care of the puppy whether the puppy is in their hands or yours so they always ask you to sign paperwork before handing over the puppy to you. When it comes to mill breeders, they only care about money so they wouldn’t probably ask you to sign any paper and that’s how you can know that the puppy is not coming from a good breeder.

Puppy is not well-socialized

Generally, puppies in the puppy mill are not well cared for so thus, they never have experienced how to play or interact with others. A well-socialized puppy is exposed to a variety of different things which helps in building confidence in them. It also plays a crucial role in deciding the puppy’s temperament. If the puppy you’re willing to buy is not well-socialized then, chances are that he has come from a puppy mill.

So, these are a few signs that every soon-to-be dog parents should look for, to ensure that the puppy is not a product of a puppy mill. Always keep in mind that a healthy puppy will make your experience of being a pet parent more rewarding. Getting a dog is a life long commitment so always make sure not to get a dog from a puppy mill. The only way to stop puppy mills from thriving is by ending the demand. Make sure to look out for these red flags whenever you plan to bring your furry companion home.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that a dog from a puppy mill can be a host of many illnesses that can affect his well-being over the years. The only way to shut the puppy mills is by ending the demand, and by being a responsible & aware pet parent, you can save the puppies from the horrors of the puppy mill.

May 4, 2021|Dog Care

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