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How to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

When a dog reaches his golden age, both his mind & body undergo many noticeable changes as his organs, metabolism, physical activity, etc. starts diminishing. A senior dog’s needs are quite different from younger dogs that is why they require more care to maintain a good quality life. Old age is inevitable as every dog has to experience it one day and there can be many common health problems in senior dogs so it becomes vital for their owner to keep their dog healthy & active to make his dog’s seniorhood the best time of their lives.

Not many people realize that keeping their dog active in senior years is important to keep his health in shape. By keeping your senior dog active, you can slow down his aging process & make him live a quality life. By bringing healthy changes in your furry companion’s daily routine, you can add more years in his life. If your furry companion’s golden years are approaching then its time to start providing him senior dog care to promote an overall healthy life.

Age-related issues are quite common in senior dogs but by keeping your dog healthy & happy, you can avoid such ailments. Most dogs suffer from numerous health issues in their senior years but by keeping them active on a daily basis, you can surely keep their body & mind healthy.

In this article, we’ll round up a few effective ways in which you can keep your senior dog healthy:

Feed him proper nutrition

The first thing that you need to do is ensuring while feeding a senior dog is that he is getting proper nutrition. Senior dogs tend to have low energy levels so it is highly crucial to feed them a well-balanced diet so that they don’t become obese. When a dog attains his seniorhood then his calorie requirement changes so the dog owner should be making changes in his diet accordingly. Senior dogs require a high protein diet so make sure to feed him proper nutritious food which will contribute to his health.

Teach him new tricks

When a dog reaches his golden age then it becomes essential to provide him proper mental stimulation to keep his mind healthy. Many dog owners have a misconception that senior dogs couldn’t learn new things but in reality, teaching new tricks to senior dogs not only helps in boosting their mental health but they also enjoy the process. By teaching him new tricks, you can provide him mental stimulation.

Take your dog swimming

Another way of keeping your dog healthy is by taking him to a nearby pond. Senior dogs tend to have weak joints due to which they couldn’t move much so to improve their mobility, you can take him swimming. If your dog couldn’t do any physical activity then you can make him swim so that he can move comfortably.

Give him attention & affection

Giving your dog proper attention & affection is highly important to keep him healthy & happy. Just showering your love when your dog is young is truly unfair. Your dog deserves the same love & care in his golden years. The dog owners should spend quality time with his senior dog to make him feel loved. By showering your love on him, you can keep him healthy & enjoy the years that you have together.

Choose the right bed

The next thing that you can do to keep your senior dog healthy is by ensuring that he is sleeping on the right bed. Senior dogs have weak joints so the dog owner needs to ensure that his furry companion is sleeping on the right bed otherwise it will make his joints stiffer. Senior dogs should sleep in a thick foam bed which will prevent the pressure on his sore hips & shoulder.

Give him massage

Another important thing that you can consider providing your furry companion is a proper massage. When a dog reaches his seniorhood then he tends to have sore joints which can be healed by giving him a proper massage. Massages release endorphins in your dog’s body which help in providing relief from the pain. A good deep massage will help in improving blood flow in your dog’s body.

Regular vet visits

Dogs can have numerous issues in their seniorhood so by visiting your doctor regularly, you can closely monitor your dog’s health. By getting your pooch examined by the doctor on a regular basis, you can detect any issue at an early age.

Take him on a regular walk

To keep your senior dog healthy in his seniorhood, make sure to walk him regularly. You don’t have to walk your dog for an hour, you can still enjoy a short stroll around the neighborhood. Make sure to let your dog sniff around so that he can also get enough mental stimulation.

Give him low impact exercises

Exercise is highly crucial even when your furry companion has reached his seniorhood. You can make your dog do low impact exercises so that his joints & muscles don’t feel extra pressure. Exercise will help in keeping your furry companion’s health intact.

So, these are some effective ways to keep your furry companion healthy & happy in his golden period of life. The dog owner should ensure that his senior dog doesn’t have any issues or ailment so that he can spend the rest of his years happily & in a healthy state.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, to keep your dog healthy & happy in his seniorhood, you need to take care care of his well-being & ensure that he leads his senior years in an enriching way.

July 6, 2020|Dog Care

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