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How to keep your senior dog active?

When a dog enters his golden age then keeping him active become quite challenging. Just like humans, dogs also go through some physical and cognitive changes after entering seniorhood. However, to ensure the proper functioning of the body, it is essential to provide adequate physical and mental stimulation to your furry companion. Both dietary, as well as exercise needs, are different for a senior dog as his body isn’t the same as it was at an adult age.

The dog owner needs to keep their furry companion healthy and fit so that they can live a longer life. A game of fetch or 60 minutes long walk is not what your senior dog would able to enjoy as it would be hard on your pooch’s joints. To keep your dog’s strength intact, you need to involve him in low-intensity exercises. As a dog age, many of his bodily function tends to slow down but it still requires proper mental & physical to remain fit & healthy.

We’ve rounded up a few effective ways with which you can keep your furry companion active:

Take your dog swimming

Swimming is the best exercise for senior dogs as it is quite gentle for joints & muscles. It is a relaxing activity which dog of any age can enjoy. Before taking your dog to swim, you need to ensure that the water of the pond is clean and free of algae. Always monitor your dog when he takes a dip in the water.

Walking on hills

Due to lack of proper physical activity, senior dogs tend to become overweight. By taking him on walk on the hills, you can help him in burning all the surplus fats. Going up hills can also help in strengthening your pooch’s hind muscles which tends to get weaken with age.

Give him treat-dispensing toys

Just like adult dogs, senior dogs also require proper mental stimulation to remain active. The dog owners can give treat-dispensing toys to their senior dogs to keep them mentally active. All you have to do is fill food inside the toy & your pooch will have to work to get food out of it.

Take him on sniff walks

The next thing that you can do to make your senior dog active is by taking him on sniff walks. Dogs love to sniff around as it is their way to get to know about new things, surroundings, and people. It is a great way to stimulate his mind as well as his body.

Final Thoughts

All dogs whether adult or senior require adequate mental & physical stimulation to remail overall fit. When your pooch reaches his seniorhood then you may need to decrease his physical activity but that doesn’t mean you completely stop it. By keeping your furry companion active, you can add more years to his life.

August 21, 2019|Dog Care

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