As the life is full of uncertainty and we don’t want our dogs to become the victim of any such hazardous situation so we need to take safety measures beforehand to avoid occurring such situations in the future.
Here we’ll discuss all the safety measures that the dog-owner needs to consider.

A). Vaccination

Dogs need to get vaccinated for preventing any diseases that can make them fall sick. Contact your dog which vaccines does your dog needs so that you can know everything regarding your dog’s health problem as prevention is better than cure.

B) Protect your dog from toxic substances:

Dogs are very curious and they tend to explore new things by smelling and licking them but this can be hazardous as if the substance that he tasted causes toxicity in his body then it can be life-threatening so the dog owner needs to monitor what his dog is smelling or tasting and he must ensure to keep away any kind of substance that is toxic for the dog. Read toxic food for dogs to find out what food may lead to various health problems in your pooch.

C). Preventing dog bites:

If your dog is not friendly with everyone and tends to bite and bark at people then you must beware people how to behave in front of your dog and also you must consider providing bite inhibition training to prevent him from biting people.

D). Safely driving with dog

If you own a car then you must have taken your dog on a drive a couple of times but you need to ensure safety measures to keep you and your dog safe. You need to keep your dog safe in the car by restraining your dog while driving this will make you focus on driving and dog’s movement will also get restraint and can avoid any unfortunate situation moreover you should never leave your dog alone in the car as this will increase the risk of heat stroke.

E).  Prevent him from getting stolen:

One of the nightmares in a dog owner’s life is not able to find his furry friend anywhere. Dogs love to explore new places and in order to explore more, they can run out of the backyard and may get in the hands of people who will steal your dog so to avoid such situations you need to monitor your dog so that he does not get stolen. Sometimes, dogs get lost while exploring new places so in such cases, the best solution is microchipping the dog so that you can easily get reunited with him.

F). Water safety:

Dogs love water but some breeds of dog are not meant for swimming so you must know if your dog will be able to swim or will get drowned. Make sure that the water in the pool is clean as dog tends to lap up the water and if the water is unclean then it can cause diarrhea. Be aware of all swimming safety tips for dogs so that you can take all the needed precautions. Moreover, do not make him swim in a pool or pond which has standing water as it may contain many bacteria in it which can make him fall ill.

So these are few things which you can do to ensure safety of your best buddy.
Keep your BFF safe and secure!

January 2, 2018|Dog Care

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