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  • How to Keep your Dog Safe & Calm on the Fourth of July

How to Keep your Dog Safe & Calm on the Fourth of July

The fourth of July is approaching, and it calls for celebration, however, for our canine companion, it is quite a stressful day. The fourth of July is celebrated all across the United States as its Independence day that is why there is noise & flashes of noise everywhere. It is an enjoyable & entertaining day for humans but it is nothing less than a nightmare for our furry companions. Every dog owner understands how distressed or anxious dogs become when they hear the explosion of fireworks or loud noises.

Our canine companions don’t understand the concept of Independence day celebration, for them, it is just lots of unpredictable noises & commotion. Dogs have a powerful sense of hearing that is why they are more vulnerable to loud noises. If your dog trembles, shake & shiver while thunderstorm then he probably will also freak out on the fourth of July. You definitely can’t stop people from celebrating such a historic day but you can surely help your dog cope with your dog’s anxiety & fear during fireworks. Sometimes, frightened dogs can also attempt to run away in fear which is why the fourth of July is the most common day for dogs to go missing. To avoid such an unfortunate thing from happening, you need to take all the measures to keep your dog safe & stress-free.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the effective ways in which you can keep your dog safe & calm on the fourth of July:

Plan a long workout session

To keep your dog safe & calm on the fourth of July, plan a long workout session so that he can become tired. By exercising your dog before the fireworks begin, you can make him calmer & less disturbed by all the outside noises. A long workout session is good for keeping your furry companion’s stress level under control. However, make sure to consider your dog’s age and breed while deciding the amount of exercise. By tiring your dog, you can help him get a deep sleep during the fireworks.

Keep your dog indoors

The next thing that you should consider doing is keeping your dog indoors so that he stays away far away from noises and flashes of light. If you have a sound-insulated room in your house then you should keep your dog in that room so that he can’t hear the loud noises. Fireworks & flashes of light is an unpredicted event for dogs that is why they start to freak out, you need to make him stay in a familiar environment so that he can calm down & feel safe.

Use herbs & essential oils

Another way to keep your dog calm on the fourth of July is by using herbs & essential oils to reduce his stress & anxiety. Many herbs such as Lavender, Passion Flower, and Chamomile are known to have calming properties which can help your furry companion to stay calm & composed. You can add a few drops of pet-friendly essential oils in your dog’s water bowl so that it can help him stay relaxed. Calming products gives comfort signal to your pooch so you can definitely use it on the fourth of July.

Ensure that your dog has a proper ID

Fourth of July is the most common day for dogs to go missing so every dog owner needs to ensure that their dog has a proper ID so that if anyhow the dog gets missing then the dog owner can easily find him.

Keep your occupied

If your dog is not sleepy during the fireworks then you can calm him down by keeping him occupied in other activities. By providing him a distraction, you can divert his mind from fireworks. You can play puzzle games with your dog & once he solves it then you can give him lots of praises & treats.

Desensitize your dog

If your dog is an extreme fear of loud noises & fireworks then you can consider desensitizing him to the loud noises by making him watch a video of firework. Make sure to increase the volume gradually so that it doesn’t make your dog anxious. Make use of different recordings so that your dog can get used to the loud sounds & doesn’t feel scared or anxious about hearing them.

Cover up the noises

The next effective way of keeping your dog calm & safe on the fourth of July is by covering up the noises by turning on TV or radio so that loud noises can’t reach your dog’s ear. By putting on some relaxing music in your bedroom, you can easily drown down the commotion of the fireworks.

So, these are some of the effective ways using which you can help your furry companion calm down on the fourth of July. By understanding your dog’s fear & taking precautionary steps, you can ease your dog’s anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that the fourth of July celebrations can give your dog a hard time but by being mindful of your dog’s safety & comfort, you can help him to stay safe, healthy & calm.

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