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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy During Quarantine?

If you have a furry companion at home then, you would know how difficult it is to keep him from heading out of the door. Quarantine situation is as difficult for dogs as it is for humans. Remember how playing outside used to be your dog’s favourite highlight of the day. Having said that, the pandemic situation has made our furry companion quite bored & overwhelmed but, there is no way, we can let that affect their health & happiness.

Being a responsible dog parent, you must make sure that your dog can get enough mental & physical stimulation so that he can easily channelize all this energy. During these times of crisis, you need to keep your dog busy by providing him unlimited access to entertainment. Also, maintaining a daily routine of care is equally important to keep his health intact.

We may like lounging around but dogs love to be productive or at least love to stay occupied which is why it is important to keep them engaged otherwise, boredom will hit them. Moreover, quarantine has come up with an added challenge: keeping your dog entertained without stepping out.

Are you looking out for ways to keep your furry companion busy at home?

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few easy ways to keep your dog healthy & happy during quarantine:

Stock up essentials

During these times of crisis, stocking up essentials is highly crucial. Just like you’ve obtained all the necessary items for yourself, don’t forget to stock up your furry friend’s essentials. From food, medication to, any particular item that your dog uses, you should try to obtain enough to last you the quarantine period.

Take this time to train

The next thing that you can do to keep your furry companion busy during quarantine is by training him. Training your dog can help in establishing an everlasting bond between both of you & it is a great way to keep your dog occupied. Quarantine is the perfect time to teach impressive tricks to dogs & you can also let all the family members take part in dog training exercises. You can utilize this time to teach your dog new commands & practice the old ones.

Make mealtime more interesting & interactive

The next interesting way to keep your dog healthy & happy during quarantine is by making his mealtime more interactive. It is the easiest & most effective way to keep your dog stimulated. All you have to do is set up an obstacle course that leads to their food so that they can enjoy their food while being mentally stimulated.

Invest in automatic toys

If you’re working from home then investing in an automatic toy can help you work while keeping your dog occupied. Interactive toys are a great way to make your furry companion entertained. It will help in making your dog play solo while you juggle with other tasks.

You can go for a kong toy that allows you to freeze peanut butter or store other treats inside it. And, your dog will happily play with it until he finishes the last drop.

Engage their mind

The next thing that you should be doing to keep your dog healthy & happy is to encourage mental stimulation. When it comes to keeping your dog happy, keeping him mentally stimulated is equally important otherwise, he will get bored at home. Try including puzzle toys so that it challenges their mind & keep them occupied for long hours.

Go for a small walk

In these challenging times, going outside unnecessarily should be avoided at all costs, however, going for a small walk doesn’t hurt anyone. You should definitely avoid the crowded routes & opt for the ones that allow you to do social distancing. Walks are absolutely necessary to keep your dog healthy as they can help in building bones & muscles while decreasing stress.

Give him plenty of rest

Yes, you read it right. While exercise is necessary to keep your dog healthy, giving him plenty of rest is equally important. Generally, when you go out to work then, it gives him proper time to rest so make sure to let him follow his daily routine. Don’t force him to stay busy all day & allow him to take enough rest.

Snuggle & watch a movie

Another interesting way to keep your dog happy is by giving him lots of snuggles while watching a movie with him. Ever wonder why do dogs love to cuddle? Well, maybe because they love to spend time with their owners so, taking out time from your busy schedule to snuggle with your favourite friend will definitely cheer both of you.

Play tug of war

The next thing that you can do to keep your dog happy is by playing a game of tug of war with him. It will help in channelizing his excessive energy & keep him well-entertained. If you don’t have a rope then you can just use a pair of socks to play with him. Most people have a misconception that playing tug of war can make your dog aggressive but, it is absolutely not true.

So, these are a few ways in which you can keep your dog healthy & happy even in these difficult times. With so much chaos around the world, having your furry companion around you at all times is a pure blessing.

All in all, as long as you keep your dog stimulated both mentally & physically, you can easily keep his health intact at all times.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that no matter how difficult it may seems to manage everything during quarantine, however, with some efforts & a proper schedule, you can surely keep your dog healthy & happy.

May 3, 2021|Dog Care

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