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How to Keep Your Dog Away from Trash?

We all know how much dogs love to eat but things take the wrong direction when our furry companions raid the trash can. Consuming trash is highly dangerous, and it can often result in making your dog sick. The trash can contains unsanitary piles of mess that once go down your dog’s mouth can cause numerous health issues. Dogs are unaware of the concept of trash can so it is the dog owners’ responsibility to train his dog to stay away from the trash can. Dogs are opportunists as once they see food, they attacked it straight away. Such behavior comes naturally to dogs but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do anything about it.

Scavenging may seem gross & disgusting to humans but it can also be equally dangerous to dogs. Trash cans often contain leftover food that is not meant to be consumed by dogs so it is highly crucial to keep dogs away from trash so that he doesn’t ingest anything dangerous. Eating out of the trash is an undesirable behavior that dog owners need to rectify otherwise it can potentially cause a deadly problem.

The trash can often contain spoiled food which if get consumed by your furry companion, can lead to poisoning, fever, vomiting, etc. Keeping your dog away from trash is very crucial & every dog owner should train their dog to stop scavenging from the trash can.

In this article, we’ve rounded up all the effective ways in which you can keep your dog away from trash:

Make the garbage can unattainable

To keep your dog away from trash can, all you need to do is make the garbage can unattainable. To do so, you can keep the garbage can in an enclosed place or cabinet where it becomes impossible for your furry companion to reach. You need to pet-proof your garbage can so that it becomes next to impossible for your dog to find & eat from it. To restrict access to the garbage can, you can also set up baby gates & keep it behind a closing door.

 Make your garbage can unappealing

The next thing that you should consider doing is making your garbage can unappealing to your dog so that he refrains from going near it. To discourage your dog to raid dustbin, you need to set up deterrent devices. It helps in ruling out the undesirable behavior in dogs. All you have to do is place a motion-activated device near your garbage can so that every time your dog comes near the garbage, it blows a shot in the air. The sudden shock will make your dog fearful, and he will not come near the garbage from next time.

Work on impulse control

Impulse control is a great skill that every dog owner should consider teaching his furry companion so that he can stay away from trash. You can play impulse control games with your pooch so that he can learn to control his impulses. By working on it, you can teach your dog to listen to the cues and stop acting on his impulses.

Keep your dog full

Dogs search for food in the garbage cans so to stop this behavior, you need to ensure that you are feeding enough food to fill your dog’s appetite. You need to keep your dog’s appetite full to the point that he doesn’t hunt for leftovers in the garbage. Also, make sure to feed your dog every day at the same time so that he does scavenge the dustbin out of hunger.

Keep your dog mentally & physically stimulated

The next thing that you should consider doing for keeping your dog away from trash is ensuring that he is mentally & physically stimulated. Sometimes, dog raids the garbage just to kill the boredom so to avoid that from happening, the dog should exercise his dog twice a day to keep him physically & mentally stimulated. If you are at home then always keep your dog occupied with something so that he doesn’t relieve his boredom by attacking the trash can.

Teach your dog ‘off’ command

The next thing that you can consider doing is providing proper training to your dog so that he listens & obeys the cues given by you. If you see your dog sniffing the garbage can then simply give “off” command so that he moves away from the can. While teaching this command, you can use reward & praise as a positive reinforcement so that he can understand that he is not supposed to scavenge.

Spray dog repellent on the trash can

Another way of keeping your dog away from trash can is by spraying dog repellent on the trash can. Dogs really dislike the smell of the repellent so by spraying it on the trash can, your dog will definitely stay away from it.

So, these are some of the effective ways that you can consider doing to keep your canine companion away from trash. Scavenging is the natural behavior in dogs but by providing him proper training, you can stop your dog from consuming dangerous things from trash.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, keeping the dog away from the garbage is the responsibility of every dog owner as consuming trash can cause choking or other hazardous health issues in dogs.

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