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How to Keep Dogs Cool in Summer?

Summertime means a lot of fun activities outdoor but as the temperature rises, the risk of getting a heatstroke also increases in dogs. If you have a furry companion at home then, you might want to chill with him outdoors or do some adventurous activities but, you should take extra precautions before taking him out in the heat.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat through their skin, instead, they rely on panting to release heat from their body which makes it so important to keep the dog cool at a high temperature.

Well, hot & steamy weather doesn’t imply that you have to keep your dog indoors all day. You can definitely enjoy lots of summer activities with your furry buddy but, only if you have taken proper precautions. You can also consider going swimming with dogs but make sure to read about all the swimming safety tips for dogs to keep them safe in the water.

Dogs have a hard time dealing with the summer heat as their insulated fur coat is prone to overheating. Being a responsible dog owner, you must keep your dog well-hydrated & cool so that they can also enjoy the summer days.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few effective ways to keep your dog cool in summer:

Plan your walks                                                                   

Walks are the best highlight of the day for dogs. They get to smell so many interesting things, provide him with a chance to explore the outside world, and also gives you a great opportunity to bond with them. However, going on walks when the temperature outside is too high then, it can increase the risk of heatstroke in dogs. Always make sure to plan your walks early morning or evening so that the weather is cool & pleasant for your pooch.

Offer him plenty of water

To keep your furry companion cool in summer, make sure to offer him plenty of water so that he can hydrate himself. You can also add some ice cubes to his water bowl so that he can easily cool off himself while playing.

Play in water

The best summer activity that you can do with your dog on a scotching sunny day is playing with water. Water can keep your dog cool & happy when the temperature is too high outside. Playing by the pool or sprinklers are a great way to do some fun activities with your dog. It will definitely lower down his body temperature & make him feel good.

Never leave your dog in a car

One of the most fatal mistakes that a dog owner can do is leaving his furry companion in the car. Most people think that they will be back within few minutes so, they leave their dog alone in the car but, doing so can put your pooch’s life to danger as a car can trap the heat easily & rise up your dog’s body temperature.

Keep him out of the dog house

Your dog may love to take naps in the dog house but, when the temperature is rising outside then you should keep your dog stay out of the dog house. Dog houses don’t allow proper airflow which makes it hard for your dog to keep himself cool. If your dog loves to spend time in the backyard then make sure to plenty to shady areas where he can lounge without heating his body.

Check the pavement

If you are taking your dog outdoors, always make sure to check the pavement first so that you can be assured that it is not too hot for your dog. Pavements can easily trap the heat so the best way to keep your pooch’s paw protected is by making him walk on the grass.

Avoid the midday heat

Always keep your dog indoors during midday as your dog can get extremely hot in the direct sun. Playing outdoors in the midday heat is a bad idea as there is a risk of getting heatstroke. Keep your dog indoors during this period by engaging him in fun indoor activities so that he can avoid the midday heat.

Avoid shaving your dog’s coat

The next thing that every dog owner should remember is not to shave their furry companion coat in summer. There is a major misconception among people that their dog’s fur only helps to insulate in winter. Well, the real fact is that it can also help your dog cool off in summer & helps to prevent sunburn. You can brush your pooch’s regularly but refrain from shaving their coat.

So, these are a few effective ways in which you can keep your furry companion cool during summers. Well, you obviously can’t keep your pooch all day at home during summer but, you can definitely avoid the risk of heatstroke by keeping him cool all the time.

Also, if you are taking your dog out in sun, make sure to apply some sunscreen specially formulated for dogs to avoid the risk of burning in the sun.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, your dog may force you to play with him in the scorching sun but don’t forget to take all the precautionary steps so that your dog doesn’t get a fatal sunstroke. Keep plenty of water around him so that he can stay hydrated and cool in the rising temperature.

May 5, 2021|Dog Care

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