How to Introduce your Dog to Your Cat?

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How to Introduce your Dog to Your Cat?

Despite the clichéd thoughts about dogs and cats as enemies, still, it is possible to make your dog and cat live under the same roof. You can surely raise both of them together but you need to be extra careful while introducing them for the very first time.

It is essential to make sure that the introduction should be well-planned and handled with supervision otherwise, it can result in unwanted situations. The owner should avoid rush introduction as it will end up developing the stressful situation. The first introduction plays a vital role in building a harmonious companionship between them.

Before introducing each other, it is essential for the owner to be aware of the temperament and body language of both the animals. Make sure to provide adequate training to your dog as the playful behavior of your dog can easily harm your cat and also, you need to give your cat some mild lessons of discipline.

Let’s consider some effective steps that one needs to follow for a successful introduction:

  • Before introducing, you need to feed your dog his favorite treat as it will help in putting him into a relaxed and stress-free mood. Make sure to put your dog on a leash as dog tend to get over-excited on seeing a cat so, to avoid any undesired situation the dog owner should know how to calm an over excited dog. You can also consider putting him on a leash.
  • The next thing that one needs to consider is to put your cat in her carrier and make her comfortable by giving her favorite
  • Now, you need to monitor and analyze their body language. By doing that you can easily find out whether they are comfortable with each other or not. If you find your dog relaxed in the presence of the cat and, your cat swings her tail back and forth then it would suggest that both of them are comfortable with each other. If your dog shows the inclination to chase the cat then you need to end the session immediately.
  • Once you are assured that they are comfortable with each other then you can allow them to check each other from a particular distance.
  • If both of them stayed calm and composed then you can encourage this behavior by praising them or giving treats to them.
  • If your dog or cat doesn’t behave in a favorable manner and display aggression then you need to intervene there and correct both of them.
  • Follow this procedure for few more days until your pets get familiar with each other’s presence.

Proceed with caution

After consistent leased visits, you need to unleash them and monitor their body language. If your dog tries to chase your cat then you need to intervene in the between and try to distract the dog with his favorite toy. You can consider swapping each other’s bedding so that they can become familiar with each other’s smell. If you have an energetic dog then you need to introduce some training to him to regular his energy level as a hyper dog can potentially injure the cat. If you have a shy cat then you need to make her more socialize to peacefully get along with the dog.

All pets are separate individuals and things will work at their desirable pace so, you need to give them some time to get along with each other. Until they become good companions, you need to keep every interaction under supervision.

Maintaining a good bonding

The next thing that the owner needs to ensure is maintaining good bonding between your dog and your cat. The bonding will only sustain if they can freely interact without being a threat to each other. You need to provide them adequate training and discipline lessons as it will help in living together happily and peacefully.

By introducing both of them properly, you can make them enjoy each other’s company for their lives.

April 16, 2018|Dog Training

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