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How to Improve Your Dog’s Joint Health

Keeping your dog’s joint health intact is highly essential to maintain his mobility & overall wellness. Dogs are active animals, and they love to engage themselves in physical activities which can cause normal wear & tear in their bones & joints. Mostly large breed dogs are disposed to common joint-related issues so it is highly crucial to provide proper care to maintain your dog’s joint health. Friction from everyday movement can result in making your dog’s joints weak. 

Dogs with joint problems tend to have stiff joints, low mobility, and many other issues that can deteriorate your dog’s overall well-being over time. To make your dog enjoy his active lifestyle, you need to improve his joint health. Hip dysplasia, arthritis, etc are some common joint-related problems that dogs can suffer from. Mostly senior dogs tend to have joint health-related problems as the joint undergoes significant wear & tear as the dog gets older. Joint related issues can be very painful for your furry companion so you need to care for your dog’s joint from an early age so that he can have good joint health. 

While taking care of your dog’s joint health, you need to take a lot of factors into consideration such as diet, environment, physical activity, etc. Some breeds are more prone to develop a joint problem so the dog owner needs to be very careful and take proper care of his pooch’s joint health. By taking appropriate action at the right time, you can avoid it in the first place. 

Taking care of your dog’s joint health is highly essential as, without healthy joints, your dog won’t be able to carry out his normal day to day activities. Just like humans, dogs also need proper care to keep their bodies healthy and strong. To prevent the joint problem in your furry companion, you need to ensure that your dog follows a healthy routine.

In this article, we’ve rounded up s few effective ways in which you can care for your dog’s joint health:

Well-balanced diet

Diet plays one of the major roles in keeping your dog’s joints healthy & strong. By feeding well-balanced, highly nutritious food, you can alter your dog’s overall well-being. Obesity can also result in causing the joint problem in your dog so it is highly crucial to ensure that your dog is getting all the nutrition in a balanced manner. If your dog is overweight then you should consider bringing change in his diet to make his lifestyle healthier. A well-balanced diet ensures to keep your dog’s energy level normal & support mobility so always feed your dog a healthy diet.

Proper exercise

To make your dog joints healthy & strong, you need to give him proper physical stimulation. The dog owner should take his dog out for a walk daily so that his joints stay fit & strong. Without proper exercise, your dog’s joints & bones will become weak & will not function properly so routine exercise is highly essential. If you have a senior dog then you can choose other physical activities to keep his joints healthy such as swimming, short-distance walks, etc. Also, avoid playing games that compel your senior dog to jump as it may aggravate his stiff joints.

Massage the joints

The next thing that you should be doing is massaging your dog’s joints. Just like humans, massaging is also good for dogs as it not only makes them feel relaxed but also helps in keeping an eye on inflammation. By giving a good massage to your dog, you can improve his joint health. It is also a great way to bond with your dog by spending some quality rest time with him. By massaging your dog’s legs, you can improve his circulation and make him feel relaxed. If you are not sure about it then you can also consult your veterinarian about it. 

Make the home environment more comfortable

When it comes to taking care of your dog’s joints, you need to make your home environment comfortable enough to ensure that your dog doesn’t face any difficulty in mobility. When your dog enters his seniorhood then you need to bring some changes in your home environment so that he can easily walk around. Make sure to change his bedding, as well as old dogs, require soft bedding to have a sound sleep. Soft bedding is more comfortable and offers good support to the joints. Also, consider adding rugs on the floor as dogs with joint issues find it difficult to walk on hard or slippery surfaces. 

Visit your vet regularly

To keep the joint problem away from your pooch, you should always visit your vet regularly so that he can examine his joint health. Regular visits help in the early detection of any potential joint problem. The early you detect the problem, the higher will be the chances of complete recovery. 

Keeping your dog’s joints healthy & strong is highly important to help your dog lead a healthy & happy life. In addition to all these above-mentioned practices, you can also offer good supplements to boost your dog’s joint health. There are numerous supplements available in the market but always ensure to consult your vet first so that you can have healthier joints.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, good joint health can make your dog lead a healthy & happy life. Make sure to provide good care to your dog’s joint from an early age to prevent any joint problem in the future.

July 17, 2020|Dog Care

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