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How to improve Dog’s social skills

The most important thing that a dog needs to learn is, how to respond in an acceptable manner? You can make them learn it by encountering your dog to different kind of animals, people, and environment. Many dogs don’t even have basic social skills due to lack of exposure to new places and people which results in making these dogs uncomfortable around new people. Developing social skills in dogs helps the dog in coping more effectively even in an unsettling situation.

A dog can become fearful and anti-social if he is not provided enough experiences in the outside world. Any challenge such as moving to a new place or house etc. can make them stressful but you can make your dog social just by making him understand that everything around him is not as scary as it seems.

Let’s find out the various ways that you can develop social skills in dogs and make them more comfortable in any kind of environment:

  • Firstly, all you need to create an unfamiliar situation for your dog and let him exposed to other animals or people as it will help him to adapt to
  • Consider taking them to parks, it will help them get accustomed to other people.
  • Enrolled your dog in obedience class as there will be taught, how to respond when there are other people and animals around him
  • Introduce your dog to your friend’s dog, it will help him to get familiar with other canines
  • Providing good and happy experience to your dog with different kind of people is important as your dog will get familiar with all shades of human nature and it will help him in learning how to behave
  • Make him familiar with all kind of noises like of dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, bicycles etc. Dogs can easily get frightened if they are not familiar with various noises.

Encourage social behavior

Encouraging social behavior helps in making them understand that their owner will be pleased if they continue their good behavior. If any social situation occurs where your dog feel intimidated by anybody’s presence then all you need to do is calm him down by offering verbal praises or you can gently pet his back to make him feel secure. All you need to do is build confidence in him as it will help him in accepting various social situations.

Monitor your behavior

Your behavior plays a crucial role in developing social skills in your dog. You need to stay calm and composed while teaching social skills to your dog. You need to avoid any harsh behavior as it will make your dog understand that you are stressed and it will result in making your dog anti-social and never hit your dog as it will instill fear issues in him.

Socialization plays a vital role in your furry companion’s life so you need to be consistent while teaching him essential social skills. With constant efforts and training, you can make your dog as social as possible.

February 19, 2018|Dog Training

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