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How to improve dogs recall?

Training recall command to your dog is of utmost importance as it helps in ensuring that whenever your pooch will hear you calling his name then he will come running back to you. Being able to stop your dog from what he is doing and ask him to return straight to you requires months of training. The basic idea of recall training is to develop a positive association with recalling command so that your dog override his natural instinct of chasing.

Recall command training is a part of obedience training you need to have patience while teaching it as some dogs learn this skill quickly whereas some may take a longer period of time. Before allowing your dog to run freely, you need to ensure that your furry companion has proper recall training.

Recall training is one of the hardest commands to teach dogs which sometimes, create frustration in dogs owner and they end up yelling at their dog. Dogs owners need to understand that yelling at your dog will only make the whole training session more challenging. If you yell at your dog while he is running and sniffing the mystifying smells then he probably won’t come running back to his yelling owner so, you need to break that chase by offering him something more rewarding.

We’ve rounded some of the easiest ways to improve your dog’s recall:

Use only one word for recall

One of the most important thing that every dog owner should remember while training recall command to his furry companion is to use only one word for recall. You need to choose a specific word then stick to it throughout the training session, it will help your dog in recognizing the word easily. If you use a new word every time then it will bear no results. Also, make sure to associate the word with positive things like treats, praise, etc.

Begin positive reinforcement before they reach you

The next important thing that you need to do is start showering the reward before your dog reaches you. This technique really works wonder as some dogs love to get their positive behavior praised at all times. Whenever you call your pooch and he starts approaching then that will be your cue to begin positive reinforcement.

Daily practice

While training recall command to your dog, you need to ensure that he receives daily practice as it helps him in remembering it. Practice not only makes man perfect but dogs also so don’t forget to give regular training sessions to your dog.

Get your family/friends involved

The next thing that you can do to improve your dog’s recall is getting other members of your family involved. When everyone in your family will engage in the same positive training session then your dog will learn quickly. You can also use them as distractions so that your furry companion can remain in control around distractions.

Final Thoughts

Recall training might seem like complex task but once done righly, you can see your hard work and patience paying off. Seeing your furry companion running back to you on hearing a single recall command is absolute bliss.

August 28, 2019|Dog Training

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