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How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight?

Does your dog eat more and exercise less? If yes! then you need to manage your dog’s weight & find a proper balance so that your dog can lead a healthy & happy life. The best way to manage your dog’s weight is by making him burn his calories & give him a well-balanced diet. We all know how much our dogs love to eat but you can’t just let them eat all-day as it ends up making them obese. Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from obesity when they consume more calories than they burn. To make your dog’s body to function at its best, you need to ensure that he is on his ideal weight.

Around 56% of dogs in the United States are obese, and due to that excessive weight, dogs tend to have major health issues. By making your furry companion shed some weight, you can keep him away from diseases that are associated with overweight. By making your dog shed some extra pounds, you can lower down the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, bone injuries, etc. Keeping your dog in good shape will ensure that he leads a longer, healthier and disease-free life. If your dog has any medical issue which makes it hard for him to do any physical activity then you need to make sure that he intake only that much calories that are needed by his body to function properly. It may seem hard to resist those puppy eyes but always consider your dog’s health before spoiling him with treats.

Importance of watching your dog’s weight

Obesity is a big enemy of canine companions and if you don’t manage your dog’s weight in the early stages then it can become much harder to manage it later on. Every dog has a different diet and exercise needs so you need to take into that consideration. When it comes to managing the dog’s weight, one size doesn’t fit all, and you need to consult your veterinarian regarding the ideal weight composition of your furry companion. Watching your dog’s weight can contribute to a better quality of life. Extra weight can cause serious health problems that’s why maintaining an active lifestyle can help him to keep his weight in check. Also, obesity can reduce your dog’s life expectancy by many years so it is highly crucial to watch your dog’s weight.

What contributes to weight gain in dogs?

Now that we’re aware of the importance of watching your dog’s weight. Its time to consider the factors that contribute to weight gain. By being aware of the factors, you can easily avoid them or take the necessary steps to minimize their impact.

  • Overeating: One of the major causes of weight gain is consuming too much calories.
  • Lack of exercise: The next major cause is the lack of physical activities.
  • Age: Age can also make it difficult for managing weight in dogs
  • Breed: Certain breeds of dogs are more likely to gain to hit obesity

We’ve rounded some effective tips & tricks that can help you to find the right balance:

Cutting down calories

The most obvious way of helping your dog to lose weight is by cutting down the calories. By cutting down calories, we don’t mean to starve your dog. You just have to make sure that your dog consumes the required calories. Finding balance is the key to make your dog maintain an ideal weight. Feeding the right amount of calories is the best way to keep your dog healthy in the long run.

Give him plenty of exercise

The next best way to help your dog lose weight is by ensuring that he gets plenty of exercise. When it comes to making your dog shed some pounds, it is highly crucial to ensure to engage him in exercises to help him burn off the extra calories. If your dog doesn’t have an active lifestyle then you need to start a little slow so that build up his endurance. To help your dog get in good shape, you can take him on a daily walk, swimming, and do other exercises so that you help him burn a lot of calories.

Offer him non-food rewards

The next effective way with which you can help your dog lose weight is by offering non-food rewards to him so that he doesn’t get any extra calories. Giving treats is a great way to train your dog and instill good behavior in him but you can also use other modes of rewards as well. When you cut down treats from your dog’s daily routine then it can really help in lowering the daily calorie count.

Increase feeding frequency

The next effective way using which you can help your dog lose weight is by increasing the feeding frequency. Switch one big meal with smaller meals so that your furry companion can easily digest his food. By splitting one meal into 2-3 small meals, you can help him lose weight. By avoiding big meals, you can avoid bloating in dogs.

Make your dog work for the food

The next thing that you can consider doing is making your dog work for the food so that he can remain active and manage an ideal weight. You can also use food dispensing toys so that your dog can get plenty of mental stimulation.

So, these are the ways that you can use to help your dog lose weight

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, keeping your dog in good shape is highly crucial to help him lead a healthy & happy life. Makes sure to follow these tactics to make your dog lose weight easily.

June 12, 2020|Dog Health

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