How to help your dog cope up with jet lag?

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How to help your dog cope up with jet lag?

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that dogs can also get jet lacked due to traveling across cross time zones. Jet lag is as real in the canine world as it is in the human world. When you travel long-distance trips with your dog, there are high chances of getting accompanied by jet lag. Basically, jet lag happens when the function of your biological clock gets affected by time & other rhythmic processes. Our biological clock follows the daily appearance of the sun so when you travel with your pooch across time zones then his sleeping pattern and eating routines also get affected.

What is Jet lag?

jet lag in dogsAlthough jet lag is a temporary issue it can make your dog suffer. We all are aware of the fact that dog loves routine but when you travel across continents, maintaining the daily routine is impossible due to the difference in the time zones. The whole schedule of eating, sleeping, and playing get changed will result in making your furry companion grumpy, tired, and annoyed.

From feeling hungry at odd hours to waking up in the middle of the night, dog jet lag is quite similar to what humans experience. Although there isn’t any cure for jet lag still you can take some steps to lessen its impact on your pooch. Also, an amazing fact associated with dog jet lag is that if you are heading towards west then it becomes easier to recover as days become much longer when we move towards west & dogs can easily cope up with it. To let your pooch get less influenced by time switch, you can start altering his meal & sleeping time prior to the actual switch. This will help in preventing jet lag in your dog to an extent.

Before we discuss the effective ways to help your dog cope up with the jet lag, lets briefly discuss

The signs of jet lag in dogs

For every dog owner, it is essential to be aware of all the possible symptoms & signs a dog can display on hitting a jet lag. Every dog has a proper sleeping & napping routine. A proper sleep that a dog takes during the night & day time nap sessions both should be considered separately. This will help you in understanding to what extent the jet lag will affect your furry companion.

Some dog owners think that their furry companion is getting decent sleep when they are traveling in different parts of the world so there is no way that their sleeping pattern is getting affected. Well, what they need to understand is that even though they are in different time zone, their circadian rhythms still needs to be followed. On not following the circadian rhythms, your dog will probably get jet-lagged

When jet lag hits a dog then he will probably lose his appetite & will feel overly tired. Just like humans, dogs also don’t like the jet lag experience so the dog owner should take possible steps to prevent jet lag to an extent.

jet lag in dogsWe’ve rounded up all the possible ways that can help your dog cope up with a jet lag:

Bring changes in your dog’s routine prior to leaving

The first thing that every dog owner needs to consider before traveling long distances with his pooch is to bring changes in his eating routine so that he can manage in a different time zone. For instance- if you are visiting a place that is 4 hours ahead then you need to try bringing little changes in your dog’s routine before a week of leaving so that he can easily get used to the new routine. Likewise, you need the same thing before coming back. This will help your dog in avoiding jet lag issues.

Make sure to keep them comfortable

One of the most important things that every dog owner should consider before boarding a flight with his pooch to keep all his dog’s favorite things handy. From favorite bedding to his favorite toys, everything should be at your disposal to keep your dog comfortable during the trip. Dogs can easily become anxious so you need to ensure that he associates traveling with a pleasant experience. Also, the dog owners should consider providing plenty of exercise to his pooch to lower down his stress levels. The dog owner should never feed his dog right before boarding the plane as otherwise it can make him feel nauseous.

Provide him proper exposure to sunlight

The next effective way to reduce jet lag in your dog is by providing him proper exposure to sunlight on reaching the destination. Exposing your dog to sunlight can make your dog feel better & all the symptoms of jet lag will start to fade away. Sunlight will help your dog maintain a proper cycle of wake & sleep.

Monitor them upon arrival

After reaching the destination, all you need to do is monitor the dog’s doing closely. After traveling for a long distance, dog’s muscles tend to get tightened so they require proper rest to relax their muscle tissue. Also, don’t forget to provide them a proper playing session to keep them mentally & physically stimulated.  Also, avoid feeding big meals upon arrival as it will make him feel nauseous.

Give him plenty of water

Another important thing that will help your dog in coping up with jet lag is by giving him plenty of water. It is highly crucial to keep him hydrated throughout the journey so make sure to keep a water bowl handy while traveling.

Final Thoughts

If you and your furry companion love to travel together but every time he faces trouble due to jet lag then just by considering a few things, you can make your dog’s vacation free of jet lag. All the dog owners should take proper steps to avoid any possibility of jet lag to set in as then it will help in making their dog’s traveling experience more rewarding.

October 1, 2019|Dog Care

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