How to Help a Rescue Dog Adjust to a New Home

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How to Help a Rescue Dog Adjust to a New Home

Bringing home a rescue dog is an incredibly rewarding experience. Adopting a rescue dog is a thoughtful decision & every dog owner should make ample efforts to make the transition easier for his new companion. Just like any other creature, all dogs have a specific behavior & routine so it would be your responsibility to ensure that your furry companion can get to follow his old routine as it will help him in happily adjusting into a new surrounding. If your adopted/rescued dog doesn’t feel comfortable in your home then he will become anxious & insecure. Dogs surely need a specific time period to settle in a new environment but you can also help him in easily adjusting to a new family.

Just like humans, dogs can also feel blues while adjusting to a new environment. For a dog, adjusting to a new partner and in a new environment is altogether very stressful. The unpleasantness of a new environment can affect your dog’s health so it is highly essential to ensure that the dog associates the new environment with good things & feel comfortable in it.

To help your dog easily adapt to your new home, you & your family need to make significant changes in your routine & home setting to make your rescued dog comfortable.

Here’re a few tips with which you can help your rescue dog adjust to a new home:

Prepare for your dog’s arrival

Before preparing for your dog’s arrival, the one thing you need to do is ensuring that your rescued/adopted dog should get any visit from the former family as then it will make it more difficult for your dog to adjust.  Also, it is highly essential that your furry companion gets into your home during the day as then he will get ample hours to roam around your home so that he can feel comfortable during the night. If you bring your pooch home at night then there are higher chances that he will feel insecure as most dogs feel insecure during the night.

Keep everything ready for your dog

From food bowl to bedding and crate, the dog owner should keep everything ready for his new rescue dog. One can also ask about the dog’s favorite treats and toys from the former owner so that the dog doesn’t feel out of places.

Let your dog decide his pace

Some rescue dogs tend to adjust to a new surrounding easily whereas some needs more time to adjust to a new surrounding. The past experience of the dog largely plays a crucial role which is why the dog owner needs to let his dog decide his pace. Pressurizing the dog to adjust into a new surrounding will only make him more frustrated. You need to understand whether your dog is comfortable doing things or not and then follow his preferences.

Pet-proof your home

One of the most important thing that every dog owner should consider doing before bringing home a rescue dog is pet-proofing the home. Dogs have a tendency to chew over everything so you need to make all the cables and harmful substances out of his reach.

Have lots of patience

Just like humans, dogs can also feel anxious & unsure in new places or surrounded by new people. Don’t rush anything and let your dog get comfortable & place trust in your home. Before you introduce your new furry friend to your friends & family, make sure that your dog doesn’t feel overwhelmed. The dog owner needs to have lots of patience to build companionship & trust in his furry companion.

Establish bonding

Another important thing which will help your furry companion is adjusting to a new home is by establishing a deep bonding with him. To enjoy a life-long companionship, you need to spend quality time with him to build a bonding. Just taking good care of your dog is not enough, you need to play with him and take him on walks & on playdates.

If you are planning to bring home a rescue dog then be prepared for a rewarding experience as adopted dogs can add so much love & bliss in your life. Just make sure that your dog can easily adjust to the new environment.

Final Thoughts

If you are truly a dog lover then you should consider rescuing a dog instead of buying as this way you can save the life of a dog. Rescued dogs are truly wonderful, and they can love you like nobody else.

September 7, 2019|Dog Care

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