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How to Help a Grieving Dog?

Seeing your furry companion grieving is really heart-breaking. Dogs are an emotional being that is why they tend they tend to get stressed & depressed whenever their closed ones die. When a dog mourns, it really impacts his physical and emotional well-being due to which it becomes difficult for them to continue with their daily life. Mourning dogs often lose interest even in their favorite activities which affect their overall well-being.

Many people don’t realize that dogs can also mourn and get depressed about losing their companions. When a dog loses his human or his canine companion then it becomes really hard for them to cope up with the loss so it becomes essential to help your mourning dog to get out of the depression & continue to live a happy life. Although it is not known how much dogs understand about death, however, they definitely mourn on the loss of their loved ones. Our four-legged furry friends get highly attached with their companions, be it human or other dogs that’s why they become highly depressed in their absence.

Do dogs really grieve?

Dogs may not have the ability to speak but they definitely can communicate their feelings through their behavior. When the dog mourns, he tends to become depressed & uninterested in all activities. If your dog has lost his companion recently & now he is mourning the loss then you need to help him out to deal with it. Just like humans, every dog exhibit sadness in a different manner as some show physical symptoms of grief whereas some show behavioral changes.

Signs of grief in dogs

Dogs may not understand the concept of death as all he knows that his companion is not around him which makes him sad. Every dog griefs differently that is why every dog shows different signs of grief in dogs.

Here’re a few signs that dogs display while griefing:

So, these are a few signs that your dog may display when his companion is no longer with him. On noticing any of these symptoms, you need to take effective steps to help your dog deal with the trauma.

In this article, we have rounded up a few effective ways with which you can help a grieving dog:

Keep your dog’s daily routine as consistent as possible

The first thing that you can consider doing is ensuring that your dog’s daily routine is as consistent as possible. Dogs love to follow routines as it becomes easier for them to know what they are supposed to do next. Not having their companion around is a big change so any other changes in the daily routine can make them more depressed. By keeping consistency in the daily routine, you can ease your dog’s anxiety and stress level.

Keep them occupied

The next thing that you can do to help your grieving dog is to keep him occupied so that he can take his mind off the loss of his companion. Make sure to keep your dogs engaged in different games & play sessions so that he can escape the sadness. Dogs are very emotional beings so you need to keep him occupied so that he can take his mind off the loss.

Comfort & reassure him

Dogs really feel sad when they lose their companion that is why it is essential to comfort & reassure him so that he can feel better. If your dog is mourning his animal companion then you should comfort him so that he can cope up with such a stressful situation. By reassuring a mourning dog, you can make him feel that he can count on you. Also, while comforting your dog, don’t go overboard with it as then it may make him more emotional.

Take him outdoors

If your dog is upset due to the loss of his companion then you should consider taking him outdoors to divert his mind. Make sure to take him to a new place so that he can enjoy the surrounding. If your dog loves car rides then you can take him on a long car ride so that it offers a good escape to him.

Minimize your dog’s alone time

The next effective way to help your mourning dog is by ensuring that he doesn’t get much alone time. By minimizing your dog’s alone time, you can help him to escape the sadness. You can use interactive toys so that your dog doesn’t feel alone when you are not hanging out with him. You can also ask your friends & family to give your dog some company so that he doesn’t stay alone.

Spoil your dog with toys

If your dog is showing any symptoms of mourning then you can make him feel better by cheering him up. Don’t forget to spoil your dog with toys and treats so that he feels extra special and all his sadness flies away. During such a stressful situation, your dog needs extra love and care so don’t forget to pamper him & make him feel loved.

So, these are the things that you can do to help your grieving dog. Some dogs take more time to heal so make sure to have patience and consistency so that your dog can feel better.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, during your dog’s grieving period, you need to provide him lots of love & affection so that he can easily get through this stressful situation.

June 12, 2020|Dog Care

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