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How to help a fearful dog

Living with a timid or fearful dog is quite challenging. It is the responsibility of a dog owner to ensure that his furry companion has no amount of fear and is full of confidence. To rule out fear from your furry companion, it is essential to understand the cause of fear. The possible reason behind his fear can be due to any medical issue, bitter past experience, genetics etc. Just pouring all your love on a fearful dog is not enough, you need to help him to get over his fears.

The foremost thing that a dog owner needs to understand is that he should avoid being anxious or nervous around the dog as it will make the dog even more anxious. The dog owner should monitor what exactly bothers his furry companion and should avoid the situations which intensify his pooch’s fear. While dealing with a fearful dog, one should never reward him for displaying any negative behavior. If you reward him for exhibiting his anxiety and fear then he will do it more often. It is completely fine to pour affection and comfort when your dog is stressed and fearful but too much affection will make him understand that it’s fine to be afraid.

Training plays an important role in overcoming all your dog’s fears. Behavioral training can help in making your dog feel more confident. Managing a dog’s behavior may seem like a daunting task but it will surely help your dog in combating his fears. For treating acute feeling issues, you can also take help of professional trainers or doctors. They will ensure to pull away all your furry companion’s fears.

Sometimes, the dog becomes fearful due to any bitter past experience so in that case, the dog owners should make possible efforts to make him feel safe and secure. Parenting a fearful dog requires patience and consistent effort. To build confidence in your furry companion, you need to get the work done together. The dog owner should teach his dog to obey his commands and then consider rewarding him when he obeys it, this will help in boosting up confidence and self-esteem in him.

To sum this up, we can say that every dog has its own strengths and weaknesses so one should avoid comparing his furry friend to others. Fearful dogs need your little help to rule out his fears and anxiety. The dog owner should consider providing proper training to his four-legged friend. By staying consistent in your efforts, you can effectively ease his fearful tendencies.

July 28, 2018|Dog Care

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