How to Groom your Dog in Quarantine?

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How to Groom your Dog in Quarantine?

The pandemic situation has forced everyone to stay at home which means that there is no way to avail grooming services for your four-legged friend. Every dog requires proper grooming to ensure that his skin, nails, ear, eyes, and coat are in good condition. A dog’s health & well-being largely depends on how well a dog is groomed. If you don’t give your dog regular grooming then it may cause many issues such as infections, flea & ticks, etc. By grooming your dog, you can keep his health intact. Lack of proper grooming can result in tangled coat, dry skin, and overgrown nails, etc.

The quarantine situation has made it impossible to take your dog to a groomer but that doesn’t mean that you should wait for another month to groom your pooch. Grooming is an essential part of a healthy dog’s life so you should consider pampering your dog at home to avoid all the possible issues associated with lack of grooming. Until the curve of Covid-19 cases flattens, you should consider grooming your dog at home. Also, you can strengthen your bond with him & also keep him in good shape. Every breed of dog needs basic grooming to stay fresh & clean. If you have always relied on your groomer to groom your dog then you may face some challenges doing it at home but you can always learn it & give your furry companion a good grooming session at home.

In this article, we’ve rounded up all how to groom your dog in quarantine:

Regular brushing

The first aspect of dog grooming is brushing. No matter how small or long your dog’s coat is still, it is essential to brush your dog’s coat to avoid any tangles. Regular brushing helps to keep the coat dirt & dust free. If you skip brushing your dog’s hair regularly then it can matte your dog’s hair. Dogs with long coats require more brushing than dogs with medium to short hair. If your dog doesn’t enjoy the brushing session then you should brush his coat when he is calmer & relaxed. Also, if his hair is tangled then make sure to detangle them slowly without hurting him.

Tools required while brushing your dog’s hair are:

  • Metal comb
  • Undercoat rake
  • Slicker brush

Proper bathing

The next thing that you need to consider while grooming your dog at home is to provide him proper bathing so that you can keep his skin & coat clean. You don’t have to bathe your dog regularly as it can make their skin dry & flaky but you should bathe your dog once in two weeks. Some dogs enjoy bath time whereas, for some dogs, bath time is a nightmare so make sure that your pooch considers bath time as a fun activity. You can make use of treats & praises to help your dog associate bathing time with good things. Bathing is an essential part of grooming as it helps in keeping your dog’s coat & skin clean & healthy. Also, make sure to use pet-friendly shampoo only so that your dog can retain his natural oils. Frequent bathing can also make your dog’s coat dry so make sure to avoid bathing more frequently.

Ear & eye cleaning

The next part of dog grooming is ear & eye cleaning. Both ear & eyes need to be cleaned to avoid any chances of infection. To clean your dog’s eyes, all you need to do is use a dropper to flush the eyes with pet-friendly eyewash. The eyewash helps in cleaning all the gunk stored at the corner of the eyes. And, It also helps in relieving eye irritation. Just like eyes, keeping your dog’s ear clean is equally important. To clean your dog’s ear, all you need to do is check his ear & look for dirt, discharge, or parasite. Then, moisten a cotton bud with mineral oil & gently clean his ears without going too deep. You need to ensure that your dog’s ears are clean & dry at all times to rule out any chances of infection.

Teeth brushing

Another important aspect of grooming is keeping your dog’s teeth clean. Most dog owners ignore brushing their furry companion’s teeth regularly which results in causing dental issues in their furry companion. Dental problems can also result in damaging your dog’s vital items. To help your dog get familiar with brushing, take some toothpaste out and let your dog taste it then gently apply it on his teeth and brush it. Don’t do it forcefully as then it can make your dog uncomfortable.

Nail trimming

The next thing that you need to take into consideration is trimming your dog’s nails regularly. When you skip trimming your dog’s nail then it can be at risk of torn off so it is essential to keep your dog’s nails well-trimmed at all times. Also, long nails can make it difficult for the dogs to walk around that is why the dog owner should keep his pooch’s nails aligned with the paw joints.

Even though you and your dog are in quarantine still he has grooming needs which you need to consider so that he has a clean bill of health.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, grooming is an important practice that every dog owner should consider providing his furry companion to maintain his well-being.

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