How to Groom a Dog at Home?

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How to Groom a Dog at Home?

Does your dog need a little grooming session? Unfortunately, in these challenging times, taking him to a groomer is not an option, as many professional groomers are not operating. The only solution for your dog’s grooming needs is to establish an in-house grooming routine. If you are one of those pet parents who relied on a professional groomer to keep their dog’s look on point then, it’s time to take your dog grooming matter into your hands.

Grooming is a very essential part of a dog’s well-being as it not only gives him more physical comfort but also can help you detect signs of potential issues that may bother his health. In-house grooming can be a big hassle for you but, it is highly crucial for maintaining the good health of your dog. Regular grooming sessions are important to keep your dog healthy & comfortable.

Well, all dog is different so it is very crucial to understand your dog’s grooming requirements before getting started with it. Some dogs are required to be brushed regularly whereas, some dogs are don’t have much grooming needs.

Don’t wait for a month or two, your dog will be overdue for a full groom. It’s time to tackle the grooming task at home. By giving a grooming session to your dog at home, you can establish a close bond with him.

Still having second thoughts? Relax! It’s much easier than you think.

In this article, we’ve rounded up all the tips & tricks to groom your dog at home:

Start with bathing the dog

Unlike humans, dogs don’t need frequent baths. Most breeds of the dog just need to bathe no more than once a month to keep all the dirt & gunk out of their coat. Bathing too frequently can dry out his skin so always keep that in mind. Also, the frequency of bathing depends on many factors such as coat type, lifestyle, and health conditions etc.

The key to make your dog’s bath time easier is preparation. When it comes to bathing, some dogs tend to get anxious which is why it is important to help your dog associate bath with good things. You can use treats to help him calm down & enjoy the bath. Before taking your dog to the bathroom, make sure all the essential supplies such as Dog-safe shampoo, towel, blow dryer, etc are present there. Make sure to have the water ready & also don’t forget to put a non-slip mat in the tub.

Begin by gently wetting your dog’s body. You can give him plenty of treats to keep him distracted. Wash and condition his body gently then, towel dry him as much as possible. Now, you can bring him back to the room & slowly blow dry his fur.

Brush your dog’s coat

One of the easiest ways to keep your well-groomed is by brushing his coat regularly especially if he has a long coat. Regular brush not only helps in keeping the dirt out of his lustrous coat but also helps to cut down on shedding. Make sure to use the right brush according to your dog’s coat so that he can have a comfortable experience. There are many benefits of regular brushing such as blood circulation & also helps in detecting any skin issue before it gets worse.

Trim his nails

Just like humans, dogs also grow nail at a fast pace which is why you should consider trimming them to keep them well-groomed & comfortable. Well-trimmed nails will also help protect your furniture from getting scratches. Trimming your pooch’s nails are much easier than you think. Just make sure to have the right tools at your disposal so that you can get positioned for the nail trimming session.

All you have to do is find a comfy place, gather all your supplies. Now let your dog sniff all the supplies so that he can feel relaxed. You can also give him some treats to keep him distracted. Now, take the clippers & gently trim the tip of the nail. Always be careful not to hurry while cutting your pooch’s nails. Just take your time & trim carefully without hurting him.

Clean your dog’s ears & eyes

Don’t forget to keep your dog’s eyes & ears clean to avoid any risk of infections. To clean your furry companion’s eyes, you can wipe the corner of his eyes to clean all the gunk. Maintaining a proper dog eye care routine is important to keep your dog’s eyes healthy. If you see any tear stains or redness in his eyes then don’t forget to visit your veterinarian.

Just like humans, dogs can also have some wax in their ears which needs to be cleaned to avoid any risk of infection. You can use some ear cleaning solution on a cotton round and wipe your dog’s ear. Make sure neither to push the cotton too far nor to rub it vigorously.

Grooming a dog may seem like a daunting task but, with little time & effort, you can master it. By giving your dog at-home grooming sessions, you can definitely deepen your relationship with him. Make sure to give your dog treats or rewards to help him lower down his anxiety level. Grooming sessions are a great way to develop a strong foundation of trust with your pooch so, gather all your grooming tools & give your dog a much-needed grooming session.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that a good grooming session can help in maintaining your dog’s well-being. It also gives you ample opportunity to spend some quality time together.

May 7, 2021|Dog Care

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