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How to Exercise your Arthritic Dog

Just because your dog is suffering from arthritis doesn’t mean that he couldn’t able to exercise. Exercise plays a crucial role in keeping your furry companion healthy and happy. Arthritis causes inflammation of joints so, the dog owner needs to exercise his dog with low impact exercises. Staying active will help the dog in curing the achy joints and bones. If your arthritic dog doesn’t perform any physical activity then it can make his bones stiffer and painful. The right amount of exercise helps in improving blood circulation which helps in healing joints and tissues.

While exercising an arthritic dog, it is essential to maintain balance as anything that is too much or too little can be a painful experience for your furry companion. Too much exercise can result in excessive pain in the joints and too little exercise can make the joints stiff.

First, you need to introduce some low impact exercises

Low impact exercise is the right kind of exercise for an arthritic dog as it will lessen the weight applied to the joints.

Swimming: You can teach your dog to swim as swimming is a low impact exercise then all you need to do is take him to a nearby lake or pond but make sure that the water is not too cold as then it can make his joints stiffer.

Underwater treadmill: You can make him do an underwater treadmill exercise, you can set the speed accordingly and it can also control the temperature of the water so, setting a high temperature can help in reducing the swelling of the joints.

Short walk: You can also take your furry companion on a short walk. Make sure that not to make him walk for long period of time. Also, avoid walking him on rough surfaces, make him walk on grasses. You should also avoid taking him outside during the cold temperature as due to cold your dog’s joints can become stiff.

Indoor games: You can also consider playing indoor games with your furry companion as it will help in keeping him physically and mentally stimulated. The dog owner must make sure that the play sessions should be short as excessive activity can be painful for your dog. For mental stimulation, you can give him some interactive puzzles to him. Both physical and mental stimulation is essential for a dog to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of low-impact exercises

Moderate exercise on a regular basis will help your dog by reducing the pain in the joints. It also helps in improving the lifestyle of the dog and keeps him fit and healthy.

  • Regular exercise can help in improving his stamina
  • It will help in managing the weight issue
  • It will provide joint mobility
  • It will help in relieving the pain

Low-impact exercises are very beneficial for an arthritic dog so, the dog owner must consider keeping his dog active by engaging his dog in doing some simple exercises.

The dog owner must consider consulting a veterinarian in order to find out the right amount of exercise that is required by your arthritic dog.

March 15, 2018|Dog Training

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