How to deal with matted dog hair?

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How to deal with matted dog hair?

Dogs with long, luscious feather coat are more prone to matting & it can also cause some severe health issues. Dogs with extremely matted hair need extreme makeovers to detangle all the matter hair. Dogs matted hair isn’t like our bad hair days, and it can cause high discomfit to them. Dog breeds like Poodle, Spaniel, Maltese, and Yorkies are a few breeds who are more prone to matted hair.

Just regular brushing isn’t enough to get rid of matted hair, you need to remove them using the best tools or you can also seek out for professional help. If you notice that your furry companion tends to get matted hair more frequently then you need to find out why causes such situation & try to make ample efforts to avoid it. Developing mats & tangles are as much annoying to your furry companion as it is to you so you need to groom your dog regularly to prevent mats from developing.

Let’s consider the major causes of matted hair in dogs:

Hair matting is tangling clumps of hair and is more common during shedding season. Generally, it occurs when a small section of hair gets knotted due to lack of proper grooming then if left untreated, the small section can quickly turn into large sections of matted hair. Matting in hair can also cause due to wet fur so it is essential to ensure that your dog’s fur is completely dry at all times. In the worst cases, matted hair can cause health issues like poor blood flow & ventilation. If the matted hair starts smelling then it’s time to pay a visit to your veterinarian.

How to detangle your pooch’s matted hair:

  • The first step to detangle your pooch’s hair is by getting all the right equipment such as slicker brush, de-matting tool, clipper, etc. You can easily find them in the puppy supply store.
  • The next thing that you need to consider is using a detangle spary on your furry companion’s coat to avoid getting all the hair clumped up.
  • Brush your pooch’s coat carefully & look for matted hair in particular areas like under the ears & belly, below the neck, etc.
  • If the coat is severely matted then you need to trim your dog’s coat carefully to get rid of all those tangles

How to prevent your pooch’s matted hair:

We all are aware of the fact that “Prevention is better than cure”. The dog owner should groom his furry companion properly to avoid any tangles. Make sure to provide healthy nutritious food to your pooch so that he has healthy hair as healthy hair are less likely to get entangled, and don’t forget to groom your dog regularly.

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