How to Calm an Over-excited Dog?

//How to Calm an Over-excited Dog?

How to Calm an Over-excited Dog?

A dog is generally considered as over-excited or hyper when he tends to spin in circles, jump, and bark. Such behavior can result in many behavioral issues in the future so, the dog owner needs to take necessary steps in order to make his dog calm and submissive.

Firstly, the dog owner needs to understand and recognize whether his dog is hyperactive or not?

  • Does he whine when he gets excited?
  • Does he chase everything when you take him for a walk?
  • Does he get frantic seeing other animals?
  • Does he bark over visitors in excitement?

If you monitor any such kind of behavior then your dog is surely hyper-active so let’s find out how can you make your four-legged friend calmer.

Never encourage excitement

The best way to tackle with an over-excited dog is not to give him attention. Dog owner generally gives attention to their dog when he gets over-excited but that way you are encouraging him to do it more often. You need to make your dog understand that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.


In order to make your dog calmer, you need to lessen his energy level and you can do it by engaging him in more physical activity. It will help in channelizing his excessive energy and he will not have much energy to stay over-excited. Take him on a long walk to wear out his energy.

Use scents for calming him down

Using scents like vanilla and lavender can help in calming your dog. It will help in providing your dog a soothing and calming effect but make sure that your dog is not allergic to this kind of fragrance.

Reward his calm behavior

Rewarding plays a crucial role in making a dog understand what he is supposed to do. So, treat your dog with rewards whenever he shows submissive or calm behavior. This way you will be encouraging his calm behavior and it will become more instinctive to a dog to stay calmer.


Toys play a crucial role in directing his energy so, make sure that dog has enough toys around him and don’t forget to give some chew toys as dogs have a natural instinct to chew things and they don’t get anything then it may arise anxiety in them.

Obedience training

If your dog remains excited all the time then you should consider starting his obedience training. By incorporating training sessions, you can teach your dog how to stay calm and obedient.

Stay calm

The dog owner needs to stay calm then only you can teach your dog calmness. Most dog owners tend to shout at their dog while correcting them but this only adds to dog’s excitement. The dog owner needs to have patience while dealing with an excited dog. By bringing some calmness in your personality, you can surely manage your dog’s excitement.

You can correct his hyper-activeness just by following the things stated above. Make sure to stay consistent as you will not get the result over-night so don’t lose hope and apply all these techniques to make your dog calmer.

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