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Hiking with Dogs

Hiking with a dog is a great experience as it not only makes your bond with him stronger but also provides an amazing way to enjoy nature. Dogs are great hiking companion, you just need to have all the necessary equipment before heading out to hike. Dogs love to explore the wilderness but you need to take proper precautions to ensure your dog has a wonderful experience. Some people think taking dogs on a hike is quite challenging but by teaching your dog some essential hiking etiquettes, you can have a rewarding experience. A four-legged fellow hiker is what one needs to enjoy the outdoor adventure.

The dog owners should also proper the guidelines meant for pet hiking to avoid any dangerous situation from happening. A little mistake in the wilderness can result in big consequences so the dog owner needs to keep the safety of his furry companion as his top priority. Also, one of the most important things that every dog owner needs to consider is whether his dog is physically active enough to hike with you. If you are planning to do camping with your dog then make sure to follow camping with dog tips to ensure the safety of your pooch in the wild. Some breeds are dog are not sporty or active so doing hiking or camping with such dogs is not a good idea as your dog will not probably enjoy it.

hiking with dogsLet’s consider some hiking etiquettes that every dog owner needs to have:

  • The first thing that every dog owner needs to consider is that dogs are not allowed in every hiking places. Some places do have restrictions so before hitting any hiking place, make sure to check if there are any restrictions for dogs.
  • The next important thing that every dog owner needs to ensure is that your dog is physically ready to hike. It is highly crucial to consider the age, breed, and some other factors before choosing him as your hiking companion.
  • All dog owner needs to keep their dog on a leash while hiking. Keeping a dog on a leash helps in keeping him under control. Putting him off-leash is quite risky in the wilderness as you can easily get out of your sight. In the wilderness, your dog can easily get himself into trouble so it is essential to put him on a leash.
  • Always keep a ban handy to collect all your dog’s waste. Being a responsible dog owner, it is your duty to keep the environment green & clean.

Now, let’s discuss all the important thing that you need to consider before heading out to hike

The dog owner needs to be fully prepared and take along all the essential things that he may needs while hiking with his dog. If you don’t know what you should take along then don’t worry we’ve rounded up a list of hiking essentials

  • Make your dog wear a sturdy collar with all the information in it. If possible, microchip him so that you can easily unite with your furry companion if anything happens.
  • Make sure to carry first aid supplies with you
  • Make sure to carry pet food and enough water with you so that you can keep your dog hydrated.
  • Carry all the hiking gears so that you & your furry companion can comfortably hike.
  • Never let your dog explore the areas that are off-limits.

hiking with dogsHiking Safety

Safety should be the topmost priority of every dog owner while taking his canine companion on hiking. Being a responsible dog owner, you need to handle your dog carefully and should keep him completely safe. Some breeds are better hiking partner than other so you need to make sure that your dog’s body is healthy enough to hike. Also, never ever consider taking a puppy on a hike as it will result in putting a burden on his growing bones. Also, make sure to keep your dog away from the dangers of excessive heat. The dog owner should carry ample drinking water for his furry companion to keep him hydrated. Never allow him to drink from streams or rivers as it can make him fall ill. Also, post hiking session, make sure to provide proper grooming to your dog to remove any debris that might get caught in your dog’s fur.

Hiking gears for your dog

Before taking your dog on a hiking adventure, make sure to take all the hiking gear along. Here’s the list of hiking gears that your dog would probably require

  • Good-quality booty for his paws
  • A clean water container
  • A mini first aid kit
  • A clean dog towel
  • A safety light
  • A pet-friendly insect repellant
  • A poop bag

Possible hazards

Now, let’s discuss some possible hazards that every dog owner should avoid while taking his dog on a hike. There are some things that don’t have any impact on human but it does have on dogs.

  • Wild plants: Wild plants can severely harm your furry companion’s health by causing toxicity so every dog owner should make sure that his furry companion doesn’t chew any wild plant.
  • Overdoing: Dogs surely love hiking as much humans do but you need to give proper intervals so that your dog can normalize his breathing & heart rate.

Final Thoughts

Hiking with a dog is a rewarding experience but you need to take proper precautions to keep your dog safe & secure. Always make sure to consider your dog’s physical health before doing hiking with him.

October 5, 2019|Dog Care

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