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Health risks & benefits of sleeping with your dog

If you share your home with a furry companion then there are high chances that you must have allowed him to share the bed with you. According to American Kennel Club survey reports, around 45% of dog owners allow their furry companion to sleep with them. There are conflicting opinions of people on co-sleeping with dogs. Some people believe that co-sleeping with dogs is not good for health however some people think that it actually benefits both the owner & his dog.

Allowing your furry companion sleeping next to you is much popular among dog owners, however, it has its own health risks and benefits that every dog owner needs to know. Our dogs are quite not the best sleeping partner as they tend to cause much disturbances to your sound sleep but people with nightmare issues tend to sleep better with their furry companion. The dog owner should be fully aware of all the risks & benefits before allowing his furry companion to co-sleep.

Here’re a few health risks of sleeping with your dog:

Disturbs sleep

The one things that everyone should know is sleeping with a dog is not a good option if you don’t like interruptions in your sound sleep. Dogs can wake you up by moving or grunting in their sleep. Just like humans, dogs also have nightmares which can result in random movements. If you want a sound sleep then you should consider buying a separate bed for your furry companion to sleep.

Higher risk of diseases

Sleeping with your furry companion can increase the risk of zoonotic diseases. Dogs who spend most of their time playing outside have a higher risk of fleas & parasites infested onto their skin which can get transferred to your body by getting in contact with him during sleep.

Create dominance issues

Allowing your furry companion to sleep with you can also result in creating dominance issues. For humans, letting their dog sleep with them is not a big deal but if you see it from your pooch’s vision, you are actually granting him higher space which can cause dominance issues.

So, these are some general risks that are associated with sleeping with your furry friend so you need to consider them before taking a decision of co-sleeping.

Here’re a few health benefits of sleeping with your dog:

Maximizes comfort

One of the many health benefits of sleeping with a dog is that it helps in maximizing your levels of comfort. After a long, tiring day, all we want is the comfort and sleeping with dog provide it. Sleeping with a dog also helps in diminishing the occurrence of nightmares.

Help you battle depression

People suffering from mental illnesses such as depression & anxiety should consider sleeping with their dog as it helps in increasing chemical named oxytocin which helps in alleviating depression. Having your pet next to you will make you feel comfortable.

Offer a sense of security

Sleeping with your furry companion also helps in offering a sense of security. People with fear issues can consider co-sleeping with their dogs as it will help in making them feel safe and secure. Keeping your dog close will help you in falling asleep easily.

Strengthen your bond with your dog

Allowing your dog to sleep next to you will also help in enhancing your bond with him. Dogs are pack animals, and they enjoy eating and sleeping together. If you want to have a good bonding with your dog then you can co-sleep with him.

Final Thoughts

Before co-sleeping with your furry companion, you should consider both its possible risks and benefits. Also, you need to maintain some space with you & your dog to avoid any unintentional scratches at night.

August 28, 2019|Dog Care

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