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Guide to Exercise your Dog in winter

Exercise plays a crucial role in keeping your dog’s mental and physical health intact. Physical activity helps in keeping your dog stimulated and stress-free. In freezing temperature, it seems impractical to engage your furry companion in physical activities. In winter time also you need to provide him a proper outlet for channelizing the surplus energy otherwise it can lead to the various behavioral issue like chewing, whining, digging etc. Daily exercise also helps to keep your furry companion in shape.

Let’s find out various ways in which you can exercise your furry companion during the cold season:

Indoor games

During the bitter cold, playing indoor games with your furry companion is one of the best ways to channelize his energy. You can consider playing games like hide & seek, tug of war and, fetch etc., such games will help him in avoiding boredom and, can also provide him mental and physical stimulation. Playing hide & seek will help in strengthening your bond with him.

Obstacle course

You can exercise your dog by creating an obstacle course with him. It will help in the mental and physical stimulation of your furry companion. You don’t have to buy any foreign objects in order to create a fascinating obstacle course, you can create by using your household things.

Dog treadmill

A dog treadmill is also a good option to make your dog exercise during the winter season. before heading to exercise, first, you need to familiarize your dog with it as your dog is probably not aware of its working. The dog owner needs to take potential safety measures while using dog treadmill. You need to ensure that he is spending only that much time that he usually spend on walks.


You can also make use of your stairs in order to make your dog release his surplus energy. walking up and down the stairs for few rounds will be able to make your dog tired easily.

Training classes

You can make your dog exercise by taking him to the training classes. The activities which he will perform there will help both in releasing his energy and filtering his behavior. It will help in establishing socialization skills in him.

Teach him tricks

Teach impressive tricks to your dogs as it will help in the mental stimulation of your furry companion. You can make your dog learn some cool tricks and it will also help in strengthening your bond with him.

Dog park

You can take him outside to a dog park for a short interval. Let your furry companion play for good 15-20 minutes then you can take him home. It will help in keeping your furry companion healthy and happy. Make sure to follow all the dog park etiquettes so that you & your dog can have a great time in the park.

So, these were few exercises that you can consider doing in the bitter cold. No matter what the season is, your furry companion needs regular exercise to keep his mind and body stimulated.

March 12, 2018|Dog Care

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