Many dog-owners complain about the improper behavior of their dog like howling, barking, and digging, chewing or urinating when they leave them alone at home. Such symptoms indicate that your dog has separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety occurs when the dog gets upset on seeing their owners leaving them alone as they are so attached to them that they can’t bear any kind of separation. It may sound cute that your dog loves you so much that he doesn’t want to part with you but due to such anxiety, he can harm himself. So the dog owners need to see the seriousness of such behavioral problems and attempts to take potential steps to help them relieving from separation anxiety.

What causes of separation anxiety in dogs:

The dog-owners are at fault for encouraging separation anxiety in dogs but it is done often unknowingly as a little change in daily routine can result in stress. The dog owner needs to understand that dogs are pack animal and now you have become everything to him and he gets all his sense of security and confidence from you so when you leave him alone, he feels insecure. You need to make him believe that you will surely return. Once he understood this then it will help him to deal with the anxiety. Lack of exercise can also lead to having anxiety or stress in them. If your dog is always around humans then leaving him alone would really make him stressful.

Dealing with separation anxiety:

Don’t make a big fuss when you arrive or depart from home, just behave normally for few minutes and then you can show your affection by petting them gently.

Give your dog something that smells like you. It can be a worn t-shirt or any other piece of cloth as it will make him feel that you are around.

Make your dog understand that you will come back to him and you can do it by assigning a particular action for it and do it every time to leave him behind.

Teach him to stay in the crate calmly for longer hours by teaching him patience you can help him to deal with separation anxiety.

You can give him toys to keep him occupied. If your dog feels bored then there are major chances of having separation anxiety.

Importance of training & discipline:

All you need to do is little training of your dog and teach him what kind of behavior is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Make him understand how he is expected to behave in your absence. Build confidence in him and teach him to be quiet and if he behaves well then don’t forget to reward him. Patience is the key so you have to be patient with him.

With consistent training your dog will able to overcome separation anxiety. With lifestyle training, build up your dog’s self confidence and he will understand his boundaries then he won’t behave aggressively whenever you leave him alone. So have patience and train him well.

January 17, 2018|Dog Care

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