Off-leash training:

Major miss-conception in people’s mind is that with only basic training their dog will show the same level of obedience on & off leash. The dog owner needs to know that the longer the amount of time he spends on training him, the better he will behave. You need to train your dog on a leash on and then when you are sure that he will behave well and follow your commands, you can take his leash off. Initially take the leash off for shorter distance and then you can gradually increase the distance.

You can instruct your dog by showing hand signal or voice command or you can mix both of them but make sure that for each command, you need to assign a specific action then it will be easier for the dog to recognize the command.

Advanced training commands:

At this stage your dog is familiar with basic commands so now you can proceed to train him on an advanced level.

  • Bark:

The first command in advanced training should be bark. It is essential to teach your dog to bark when he is asked to. It helps to scare off people or animal.

  • Stay quiet:

You need to teach him to stay quiet as if your dog barks at the wrong person then you need to teach him to stop barking.

  • Ask for permission:

These are the basic manners that you teach your kids. So, your dog also needs to learn that he can’t snatch anything by force and he has to take the permission first. So, it is basically not a command but the manners that one needs to have.

  • Food refusal from a stranger:

Your furry companion needs to learn that he should not accept food from any stranger. So you can train him for this by asking him to stay in a position and let someone offer him food from distance by calling him to come. It may seem difficult but my consistent practice your dog will learn this.

  • Distractions:

Dogs get distracted easily by the things happening in the surrounding so you need to train him to avoid any kind of distractions and you can do it by asking him to stay at a position while someone throwing the ball in his direction. With regular sessions of training, he will able to avoid any kind of distraction and will stay calm.

Advanced training is beneficial for every dog regardless of their breed or size. It helps them in learning manners which eventually helps in filtering their behaviour.

January 18, 2018|Dog Training

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